BhQ0j7lCYAA9wIHThe Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the triple-A affiliate of the Phillies, released a new uniform set that includes a bacon cap and a bacon jersey (see at right, click for a larger view). The uniform was a bit of an internet sensation.

And then the Durham Bulls chimed in on Twitter:

BOOM. Shots fired.

The Iron Pigs responded with an irrelevant reference to having a bigger attendance in 2013, because apparently that is all anybody can use against the Rays and their affiliates.


  • Ben Zobrist is working out again but in a limited fashion as he battles a sore back. Cesar Ramos will start the spring opener on Friday followed by David Price on Saturday and Alex Cobb on Sunday. Things can certainly change, but Joe Maddon likes to get his pitchers on normal rest early in the spring in preparation for the opening week of the season. This suggests Cobb will be the #2 starter, which makes sense since that would split up the lefties with Matt Moore likely starting on Monday and slotting in as the #3 starter and Chris Archer as the #4 starter.
  • Adam Rubin of ESPN says the Rays nearly traded for young Mariners second baseman Nick Franklin. However, the injury to Jeremy Hellickson killed the deal. This likely means that the Mariners would have received a minor league pitcher and the Rays suddenly did not want to give up some of their pitching depth. [AdamRubinESPN]
  • CC Sabathia has lost a ton of weight. The last picture in this set is shocking. [BI Sports]
  • writes about Erik Bedard competing for a spot in the rotation. Joe Maddon says he can be “better than a .500 pitcher” pitching in front of the Rays defense. []
  • LeBron James makes more in endorsements than the top ten MLB players combined. [BI Chart]
  • BRaysball Talk predicts the 2014 AL East. [BRaysball Talk]
  • BJ Upton is entering the season with yet another “clean slate.” [MLB]






  1. Rob says:

    Everything is better with bacon.

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    The rotation makes sense. They have to split up the lefties so that at least one lefty throws in every 3 or 4 game series.

  3. Gus says:

    The collapse of Upton shows the genius of the Rays getting some level of production out of him. I have never seen a more stubborn hitter in my life. Let's see if Bossman Sr. can talk some sense it to him. I hold him no ill will, just note that the Rays were a far more enjoyable team to watch in 2013 without his strike outs which you could often call after the first pitch.

    Matt Moore is a pretty great No. 3 starter.

    I like this team.


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