Don Zimmer first became coach of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays ten years ago, in 2004. It was his 56th year in professional baseball, so he wore no. 56.

This year Zim is back and this is his 66th year in baseball and he will wear no. 66. It will also be his 11th season in the Rays organization. If he returns in 2015, he will have spent more time with the Rays than any other franchise, surpassing his original franchise, the Dodgers.

Here is a full breakdown of Zim’s 66 years in baseball*.


Any partial season with a team was given a value of 0.5 even if he spent more of the season with one team over the other. Also, in 1967, Zim was a player-manager in the minor leagues for the Reds. I gave him 0.5 as a minor league player and 0.5 as a minor league manager.



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