2-24-2014 12-00-48 PMAndrew Friedman was a guest on the MLB Network’s “Hot Stove” show and was asked a broad range of questions. Here are some of his more telling thoughts.

His overall impression of the team heading into spring training:

“A lot of our coaches marveled [during staff meetings] that we had more depth than they think we had in years past…We like the depth we have. We like the balance we have on our roster.”

On whether there more pressure now or when he first started with the Rays:

“I think the good thing about playing in the AL East is really we don’t have very much pressure. We kind of fly under the radar in a lot of ways which is good for us. It kind of works with the mentality and dynamics of our group.”

On whether the AL East is still the toughest division in baseball:

“In my opinion it’s the toughest division in all of professional sports…especially when you get into the unbalanced schedule…there is a very real chance that all five teams in this division win 81 or more games.”

On keeping David Price beyond the 2014 season:

“In our situation it is obviously more difficult to retain him long-term than in other places. Our mindset is to enjoy each and every day we have David here and do everything in our power to continue that relationship.”

On preparing to deal David Price:

“The biggest thing for us is that we really can’t have any hard and fast rules about anything. So we have to be really prepared and nimble. The more prepared you are, the easier it is for you to react more quickly when things pop up. And that’s what we have to do is to remain very fluid and not ever get into a situation where we have to make a certain move. But to continue to kind of assess the market and figure out when things kind of line up in our time horizon of what makes the most sense for us to sustain success.”




  1. Gus says:

    Noboody else will say it out loud, so I will: The Rays should absolutely not trade Price and let him play this thing out. Injuries and poor performances are both very real possibilities here. Worst case is that you get Price for 2 seasons at arb pricing and a draft pick on the back side. I'd rather have that then a bunch full of prospects FOR THIS TEAM. If they tank and the World Series is not a possibility, than you re-visit it. But otherwise, get on the show pony and ride him to a title.

  2. Leighroy says:

    Friedman should be running the Federal Reserve. I enjoy each and every day we have of him as our GM. Always sound strategy and mix it w Joe too, what an amazing combo. Go rays!!

  3. franco says:

    Not trading Price before he hits FA is silly in my mind. To get a draft single draft pick is not enough return and multiple prospects already in the minors/close to big leagues is much more palatable. A draft pick is no guarantee as we have seen with several of our high picks. With the recent contract for stud pitchers like Kershaw, there is no way Price stays here long term. I wish there was a way, but we need to be realistic.


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