Playing A Little Pepper

As mentioned in an earlier post, Matt Moore is going on the DL with elbow soreness. For the time being, this is not a huge deal for the rotation. The Rays have four days off in the next two weeks and can go to a 4-man rotation. There is also Alex Cobb who could be back shortly after those two weeks are up. And if Moore’s elbow really is just sore, he will be available shortly after that. As for the roster, Ryan Roberts has been called up to take Moore’s spot on the roster and is in the lineup tonight. This also means that Roberto Hernandez can breathe easier for a little while as his spot in the rotation looks safe for now.

Game Graph

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  1. Flash Jennings, CF
  2. Evan Longoria, 3B DH
  3. Wil Myers, RF
  4. Ben Zobrist, 2B
  5. Sean Rodriguez, 1B
  6. Ryan Roberts, 3B
  7. Yunel Escobar, SS
  8. Jose Lobaton, C
  9. Sam Fuld, LF
  10. Jeremy Hellickson, SP




  1. Ken says:

    Who's the DH?

  2. AK says:

    I'm a take a wild guess and say it would be Longo

  3. Hank says:


  4. Dave L says:

    This is great news and just what I had predicted. Now we will be getting everbody plenty of rest in August to gear up for the final push in Sept.

    I knew that 4 man rotation was BS. It was just a smokescreen for the trading deadline.

    If you are an under 29 starter with the Rays and you dont get injured at some point in the year, you will get a sore whatever.

    Guys like Shields and Hernandez are workhorses they dont need rest and Hernandez doesnt need rest for October because he wont be pitching once the playoffs start or if its tight at the end.

    Like Cobbs invisible blister early in the year and Price and Hellis fake injuries last year.

    Wait for the Matt Moore explanation. His eyes will be darting all around the room.

    Now we can have more bats cause the days off wont require as many pitchers to be active.

    The Rays machinations are very predictable.

    The only thing they didnt see coming has that shot to Cobbs head.

    i honestly think what was wrong with Price was overblown. He just needed a reset.

    I just hope Cobb will be ok. Thats the only x factor to the end of the season. That was real. If we get back a healthy Cobb we can win it all.

    • angrybuddha says:

      Yup... I love the sore left roster spot game that the front office likes to play...

      • Dave L says:

        Yeah “The August 4 man rotation” concept with all the off days was delusional.

        It was something phony the Rays ‘leaked’ to the smart guys in the local and national media before the trade deadline and they proceeded to regurgitated it en masse without thinking it through.

        I keep repeating Hernandez is here to stay and nobody believed me.

        I said at the end of the year Hernandez may be top 3 in the team in innings pitched and everyone laughed at me.

        Well right now he’s still #2 and #3 Matt Moore is taking a rest and #1 Helli will get his soon

        MM has one less start (21) than Shields in 2013 and goes deep into games. He pitched 177 innings last year.

        He's already at 121 innings. The kid needs a rest to be fresh in October.

        He makes every start the rest of the year Plus playoffs in 2013 and hes at 220+ in the world series. He’ll be dead and useless mentally if not physically.

        Just do the math, he’s only 24

        Helli is in the same boat even though he’s 26 - 177 innings in 31 starts last year now hes in 128.2 in 21 starts.

        Both have targets in the 200 innings this year and we expect to be in the WS.

        I expect Helli will get his rest a little later in August maybe in the 1 gamer against KC (if we get Wade) and the Angels series.

        If hare-brained “Manager of the Year” Davey Johnson would have treated Strausburg correctly with some DL time they might have won a World Series last year

        These guys aren’t CC Sabathia or that guy in the commercial pitching the doubleheader on a breakfast of chipped beef and scotch. Young pitchers need rest, they don’t make all their starts, or you lose them in the post season.

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          Observations that are astute and accurate.
          I admit I panicked a little when I heard that MM was DL bound, I should know better than that...

          (For the record, I was right there with you as an advocate for Fauberto from day 1.)

  5. henry says:

    Longo is dh tonight


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