CharlotteWhen talk of the Rays moving comes up, Charlotte is the city most often cited as a potential landing spot. We can now scratch them off the list.

This flown under the radar around these parts. But the city of Charlotte recently began construction of a new minor league ballpark (via Watching Durham Bulls Baseball) within the city limits. The park will be home to the triple-A Charlotte Knights who currently play in nearby Fort Mill.

There were some in Charlotte that opposed the new stadium, preferring that the city hold out for a Major League team. And the implication is that by approving money for a triple-A stadium, Charlotte is saying they have no desire to pursue a big league team like the Rays.

This doesn’t guarantee the Rays won’t move. There are still other options such as San Antonio, Orlando, New Orleans, or Portland.

However, the chances of the Rays moving were already slim now that MLB revenue is driven by skyrocketing television contracts. And thanks to the Rays’ strong television ratings, they are worth more to MLB in Tampa-St. Pete than someplace else where they might sell a few more tickets.


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