Some odds and ends to start the week

  • David Price received his A.L. Cy Young award over the weekend. Marc Topkin has a picture of the happy fella in his tux. []
  • Todd Kalas took a look at “some play-by-play opportunities.” However, nothing panned out and he will be back on the Rays’ broadcasts in 2013. In that same piece, Marc Topkin reports that equipment manager Chris Westmoreland will not issue nos. 2, 33, or 39 this season out of respect for departed veterans. []
  • Marc Topkin runs down the list of players that are still available as potential DHs. There are some familiar names on the list. []
  • Last week we heard Kyle Farnsworth had narrowed his choices to three teams. Marc Topkin tells us that the Rays are “definitely in the mix.” []
  • Isn’t the headline, “Price’s Vanderbilt education pays off” a bit insulting to David Price’s agent, you know, the guy that actually negotiated his contract and saved him some tax dollars? [Fox Sports]
  • The final day of real NFL action for the 2012-13 season was yesterday. Here are some of the better highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter. [BI Sports]
  • Doug Martin has been added to the Pro Bowl roster. [JoeBucsFan]




  1. Don says:

    Kalas has got to be tired of playing the "fool" out in the stands talking to the girls while the boys in the booth make fun of his roaming...his Dad was a pro, he deserves better..time to move on..

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      We're tired of you playing the fool too Don, but you never seem to move on. I think Todd genuinely likes it here and the fans love him. I look forward to the day he replaces Staats in the play by play booth, but until then he's great at what he does. Maybe they'll even get him a good sidekick instead of that guffawing buffoon Brian Anderson.


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