If you have been hanging around these parts for a while, you know that the model for this site is to tell you what the Rays have done, what they are doing and try to project what they will do based on what we have learned. Think of RI as “Tampa Bay Rays 101.” However, for the next 12 days we will step away from the standard, and we present to you 12 “presents” the Tampa Bay Rays should give to their fans.

Without further ado…

On the eleventh day of Raysmas, the Tampa Bay Rays gave to us, ELEVEN POSTSEASON WINS…

This one remains the same every year until the Rays win a World Series. Of course, the catch is, with the new opening round game, a Wild Card team would have to win 12 games to win the World Series. So by requesting just 11 wins in the playoffs, we are asking for a division title and a World Series championship.

Is this the year the Rays finally get over the hump and win it all? It certainly won’t be easy, especially with the addition to the Blue Jays roster. But the Rays are going to be in the hunt. And as long as they are in the hunt, they’ve got the pitching that can win 11 postseason games.



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