uspw_6503294Many of us have already given up hope of David Price signing a long-term extension beyond the 2015 season when he would become a free agent for the first time. However, in discussing the prospects of an extension for Price, Andrew Friedman did tell Marc Topkin of that there is room in the budget for at least one more large contract…

“It’s a difficult thing to answer without all of the variables, term, money, all of those things, so it’s a difficult question to answer on any one specific player…But we can certainly add another larger contract.”

If not Price, then whom? Evan Longoria and Matt Moore are already locked up. Desmond Jennings is represented by Scott Boras, an agent that rarely allows his clients to sign long-term deals prior to free agency. That leaves either a free agent (unlikely) or Wil Myers.

Unfortunately, Friedman also suggested that the team would prefer not to add any more large contracts even if it is possible…


“But as Stu alluded to, it puts a lot more pressure on our remaining funds, which will be much smaller to fill out 23 guys around Longoria and whoever that contract is (for) to be able to win. Because at the end of the day that’s what motivates us, winning and having a competitive team that we can sustain.”

So while we would all love to see Myers locked up for 8-9 years. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.



  1. Brianknowsbest says:


    i think you might be taking the statement a little out of context. If myers is signed to a long term deal, i dont think it would be considered a "large" contract. Currently in my opinion what he was alluding to is Longorias large contract and they are able to add , another one ( david price) but are unsure whther it is the wise thing to do. Signing Wil myers to 8 or 9 years for 40 to 50 million( with most of the money in option years) in my opinion would not be considered a large contract.

  2. MrDewMaster says:

    I'm really getting tired of being a "small market team". All the other teams in the East are loading up this year and we still can't afford to do crap. Next year we will lose Price and Rodney. Good luck replacing them. The way baseball is organized it's just so screwed up. The major market teams have nothing without the rest of us.

    I was an Atlanta Braves fan long before the Rays existed and I could easily just go back to rooting for them. I for sure would not vote to pay one cent towards a new stadium. And I doubt I will go to any Rays games this year if they don't have any offense. I hate one run games.

    • Brianknowsbest says:

      waaaah waaaah

      • Brianknowsbest says:

        yeah it really sucks watching the best run team in baseball. and having kids come from the farm system and play for the team for 7 years. It would be so much better if we could just buy players like the mets did. oh wait ....

        • Michael says:

          Yeah, wouldn't it be great to have been the team instead of the Red Sox to have signed Crawford to that 7-year $140million contract? They're not regretting that at all...

          • MrDewMaster says:

            Yeah well we'll see how you guys feel when we finish last. May not happen in 2013 but I bet it happens in 2014 and beyond. If we could have added one decent power bat at the trade deadline last year (Soriano) I believe we would have made the playoffs. And it's not like I want to spend $120M. Just have enough funds to add a bat here and there. But the price of those bats are going up a lot faster than our payroll.

            Lets pray Will Myers is the super star people think he will be.

    • Drew says:

      Watching the Rays offensive offense is pretty painful, but I wouldn't go back to rooting for the Braves any time soon. They have the worst TV contract in the sport which will hamper them for a long time. Meanwhile the Rays get a new contract in a few years which will give them some financial breathing room.

    • Mike M says:

      We have control of Price through the 2015 season. Too many other teams run things trying to chase a few key bats but don't have the foundation that our team does. I am fine with the way things are run and I have grown quite the appreciation for Pitching & Defense.

    • Burn H. says:

      With all the poor offense last year, if Joe had not put Farnsworth in a few of the games he lost. We would have made the playoffs with out Soriano. I hope that you enjoy the Braves....

    • Alex says:

      Who exactly is loading up except for the Jays? The Red Soxs are signing a bunch of over the hill guys to keep from being awful. The Yankees haven't signed anyone and they are just getting old. The Orioles havent done a thing either.

    • phil says:

      Price is signed through 2015 unless traded! Confirming Mike M's comment!

  3. Dave L says:

    My guess is that he is referring to the 2013 payroll.

    "Big" for the Rays in 2013 is what? $6 mil plus?

    So we probably expect the current roster to add no more than $6M total in the remaining bodies to fill out the roster. Time will tell.

    Thats my interpretation. Anything with Myers wouldn't be a 'big' contract at any rate at this point as it would be back loaded when TV money increases.

  4. TOM says:

    I think a good sign would be Morse from the Nats. Maybe trade Nieman for him. IMO


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