uspw_6434490Through no real fault of their own, the Tampa Bay Rays have become the franchise where washed up veterans go to figure out they are washed up. That, along with Lance Berkman’s recent comments should have the Rays cautious in their pursuit of the former Cardinal.

Berkman, whom the Rays have shown interest in, has said that he is not sure if he wants to play in 2013. And now he sounds like the only reason he would come back is for the money (via Derrick Goold of…

““In a way they have to buy me out of retirement, and I know that sounds crass — I wish it didn’t — but it’s a big commitment, it can put a strain on the family…If I’m going to play, I’m going to give my heart and soul to the team. But if the carrot’s not big enough, the mule isn’t going to want to go.”

Berkman, who made $12 million in 2012, has already received multiple offers and it sounds like he is not happy with them yet. And that probably means the Rays won’t win the bidding. MLBTradeRumors notes that the Rangers, Astros, Red Sox, and Orioles have also shown interest.

Berkman will be 37 in 2013 and played in just 32 games in 2012.



  1. LaneMeyer says:

    Just the fact that he would only play for the money rules him out for the Rays in my opinion. Maddon wants guys that want to play to win not to earn.

  2. Dave L says:

    I agree with Lane. To fit in this clubhouse the man has to have hunger.

    He already stated with a yawn that a $5M salary cant compete with comfy retirement. He made $20M the past 2 years thank you very much.

    Here is why I dont want him at Over $5M

    1) A non pitcher must be able to do the following to help an offensively challenged team, get on base, drive in runs, run the bases, play one defensive position well or multiple positions respectably. Berkman fails this test and is one dimensional at best.

    2) When guys go down due to injury other guys must fill in. Berkman rides the stationary bike in the clubhouse.

    3) The record of aging lifetime NL sluggers coming to the AL East is not very encouraging.

    4) For other teams a $6M+ flier on a pure DH with possible fountain of youth upside is maybe a risk; for the Rays a 9%+ of 2013 payroll commitment to Puma is not realistic

    Switch hitter is nice and favorable RH splits are in his favor for our needs, but not enough.

    Zero percent chance we sign Berkman. Not a good fit, too expensive, too old, too limited contribution.

  3. Craig says:

    I would love to see Berkman playing for the Rays, but I think it's just not in the cards. If he's looking to cap off his career with one more season, he could be motivated most by either nostalgia or money or the the chance to win it all. If he's moved by nostalgia and willing to play for less than he could get on another team, he might likely sign with the Astros. If Berkman wants to get paid and/or wants the shot at winning, his best bet is the Rangers. From any angle I can figure, the Rays aren't in the running to sign Fat Elvis. The DH search continues for Tampa, let's hope, because we're still a bat short from the looks of it.

  4. Don says:

    Can you spell Scott,Burrell,matsui, burkman??? I can spell Damon...guess Maddon couldn't...

  5. Daniel Bamber says:

    Berkman has signed with the Rangers

    • Daniel Bamber says:

      Berkman's deal will be in the $10-11MM range for one year, sources tell Rosenthal. Erm, No Thanks, how desperate are the Rangers?

  6. Don says:

    After you lose the best hitter in Baseball, who can you sign?, ask the Rays, Cincinnati and now Texas...
    M Mantle & R Maris in LA...a field of dreams...


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