It must be getting close to baseball video game season. Earlier today we learned that David Price will be on the cover MLB2K13. And now we see that MLB the Show has released some screenshots showing players wearing throwback uniforms. One of those includes BJ Upton wearing a mid-1970s era Braves uniform with some super-sharp stirrups (although it should be noted that the Braves wore solid blue stirrups during this time period). Click on image for a larger version…




  1. Bill says:

    Less than accurate. BJ would be leaning and toes slightly pointing towards second - his pre-pickoff stance. Perhaps they're already factoring in some tougher coaching personalities fixing a thing two?

  2. Political Man says:

    Its kind of crazy to think that out of the last 4 MLB 2K baseball covers, 2 of them have been Tampa Bay Rays. I can't say that I thought that would have been even remotely possible 5 or 6 years ago.


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