This morning it looked like the Rays were no longer a part of the 3-5 team trade that has been rumored over the last couple of days. However, Ken Rosenthal is now reporting (via Twitter) that the Diamondback are discussing two “blockbuster” trades centered around Justin Upton, and that the Rays are very much involved.

One is a 4-team deal involving the Rangers, Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Rays. The other is a 3-team deal without the Mariners. Rosenthal writes that “one possible outcome” would have the Rays sending a starting pitcher (James Shields or Jeremy Hellickson?) to the Diamondbacks, and the Rays would receive prized prospect Mike Olt from the Rangers and other prospects.

Olt, who can play first base, third base, and both corner outfield spots, hit .288 with 28 home runs and a .398 OPB (.426 wOBA) in 95 games at double-A in 2012. He also played 16 games in the big leagues last season.



  1. Joe says:

    I think this is too good for the Rangers to be true and why would the D'Backs do it? Also it has to at least be Helly, maybe even Shields because why else would they give us Olt?

    Rangers are stealing Upton if this is true and if I was the one with Shields, I'd keep him for Myers. Make the Rangers trade their precious Profar if they want Upton so bad.

    • Greg says:

      It was reported that we have an offer to the Royals to obtain Myers. They haven't responded and I don't think they will. I don't know who we offered or who else we'd get back, but I think the Royals are having a hard time trading away Myers.

  2. Rome says:

    I think that Hak-Ju Lee might be going, here is why: You traded for Escobar who has 2014 and 2015 options. He is probably not a one year rental, but maybe a two or three year rental when a guy like Hager or Harris may be ready to take over.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the Rays picked-up Upton, and sent James Shields, Hak Ju Lee and someone else on 40 man roster to Arizona for Justin Upton.

    • ChrisFromNaples says:

      Hak Ju Lee + Shields is too much for Upton.

    • Drew says:

      I have not seen a report in the last week or so that has the Rays trying to get JUpton. It also makes no sense given his price tag and remaining contract years.

  3. phil says:

    Mike Olt; Leury Garcia and a young Outfielder at the least!

  4. Gus says:

    Helping the Rangers get the problematic Upton could be a great Rays Jedi mind trick -- he is subtraction by addition to the Rangers. He isn't the player Hamilton is (but will cost almost as much in 2014-15), and almost as much baggage in the clubhouse (hence Arizona's persistence in getting rid of him). If Upton goes to Texas, can was assume Hamilton to Rangers? I'll take that every day of the week. We have to get past texas to make the world series. They are the Rays kryptonnite. Any trade with them must weaken them. This seems to be along those lines.

  5. don says:

    Let Shields go to a contender for a "kid" hitter....quit the torcher

  6. don says:

    Forever the pessimist (realist)....Rays come out of winter meetings with a $5mil SS two teams didn't want, a $2mil 1B nobody wanted, our best hitter gone (again), 8 starting pitchers and no hitters.....very productive, I thought I had a bad week

  7. ed says:

    couldn't agree with don any more, i still don't see where we came up on the positive side, maybe defensively, but hitting wise, i don't see it. Well adrew freeman has pulled some magic before , lets see what he does now

  8. Bill says:

    According to MLBTR, several teams wanted Escobar and Loney. Funny how people post opinions as if they are fact. If we sign or make a trade, we must have paid too much because no one else wanted them. If we do nothing we're screwed for that too. Of course a pessimist calls himself a realist, because he believes his doom and gloom is real.

    Simple fact, the rays picked up a couple of nice peices for not a lot of money. And they still have all of their bargaining chips. Need a big name free agent pitcher or two to sign to set the market for our trade chips, people. Shields and Hellickson are going to be very affordable compared to what others are about to sign for. Should drive up the haul AF will rake in when he pulls the trigger. And if he doesn't, we still have improved upon a team that won 90 games with enough guys on the DL in '12 to field another team.

    Btw- "kid bat" = Evan Longoria in 2008. Myers looks even better than Longo did at that stage. Next question ?

  9. don says:

    Dear Bill: Heres "Doom & Gloom", if the Rays don't get anyone who can hit the ball..even if their pitchers hold the other team to 2-3 runs a game....2.? ERA .. they still lose..AF needs to be more realistic...instead trying to rob someone...hes at the end of his rope there...Good pitching & no hitting gets you out of the playoffs or losers in 1 st round..DL has nothing to do with It!

  10. ed says:

    i have a question, did we make playoffs this past season, with great pitching, nope so maybe just maybe we could use a good bat, maybe just maybe the rays will trade for one, i am not a pesemist but i don't look at everything with rose colored glasses also. The trade with the royals for myers, wouldn't be bad, but we still need a catcher and a dh, and from what i read the payroll is already in the 65 million range. So what makes us think they are going to spend much more. We have already seen that with all the pitching and little to no hitting isn't going to get us in the playoffs, and as much as i love longoria can we really rely on him. I think it's time we expect more as fans, not just one and done, and before i hear that the rays don't have the money , i said it before if u can't afford it you shouldn't have bought it.


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