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Yesterday was David Price day in Tampa as he was awarded a key to the city (Astro also received his own key). While that is a nice little gesture, it is more interesting to speculate on what it means for the relationship between Tampa and St. Pete and the battle for the Rays (because while we all like to think of the Rays as a regional asset, let’s face it, the two cities are indeed at war over the Rays).

What is St. Pete supposed to do now? They can do nothing and it looks like Tampa is the more appreciative city. Or St. Pete can also honor Price. Only, then it looks like St. Pete did it because they don’t want Tampa getting all the credit. St. Pete can’t win.

Of course, if the Rays were truly a “regional asset” and both sides of the bay weren’t constantly acting like they were fighting over a Garbage Pail Kids collection, they would have gotten together to honor Price. But we all knew that would never happen.


  • Correction: It is the Royals that are paying James Shields’ $750,000 assignment bonus (Hat Tip to Matt for so gently pointing out how terrible I am at my job).
  • Dave Haller points out that Ben Zobrist is the only player remaining from the Devil Rays era. [Twitter]
  • A lot of people wondering if the Rays will go after AJ Pierzynski, and Buster Olney thinks he “could be a fit.” But unless the Rays are thinking about making him at least a part-time DH, it is hard to imagine they would want to spend that much on an everyday catcher that is mediocre defensively. Also, Wade Davis told Olney that he has been “chomping at the bit” to start again, which adds to the evidence that he was pushing for a trade. [ESPN]
  • The developer that proposed a new Rays stadium in the Carillon area is already sounding pessimistic about the idea and seems prepared to move forward with other projects. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • Marc Topkin has some quotes from James Shields and Wade Davis, as well as newly acquired Jake Odorizzi. []
  • Fernando Rodney is just the latest big-time player to drop ACES as his representatives. And there may be a link to how they handled the Melky Cabrera suspension. [SAB]
  • The Tigers made a strong bid for James Shields, offering Avisail Garcia and others. According to Danny Knobler, The Rays liked Garcia, but the total package was not as strong as the one offered by the Royals. [CBSSports]
  • Here’s a visual breakdown of Wade Davis and what he might be capable of. [Fangraphs]
  • “The Two Faces of Chris Archer” [Fangraphs]
  • Some interesting quotes from Bo Jackson in the latest ESPN “30 for 30” documentary in which Bo makes it clear that he thinks the Bucs intentionally sabotaged his senior season of baseball (he was ruled ineligible) to force him to play football. And it is clear that he is still bitter about it. [BI Sports]
  • The Bucs have a 0.6% chance of making the playoffs. [BI Sports]
  • Is Josh Freeman on the way out in Tampa Bay? [JoeBucsFan]






  1. don says:

    Yesterday wasn't "David Price" day in Tampa, It was "Buckhorn" Day...What another photo opp. for the Politician who wants to show Tampa how much he cares about the city(their votes)
    St. Pete and Rays will give Price his awards when they are usually given beginning of the next season, at a ceremony at the 1st game, If you want to see there..Buckhorn won't be...or any other game that on IT...

  2. KT says:

    "(Hat Tip to Matt for so gently pointing out how terrible I am at my job)"

    The Internet. Where anonymous nobodies get to forget all tact and spew whatever dribble that comes to mind about whoever they want, without themselves having to prove that they are valid of making such remarks. Good one "Matt", have fun packing groceries and building up some more angst to anonymously displace on the Web. (And yes, I am indeed a hypocrite for writing this very post)


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