Some quotes from Andrew Friedman on the acquisition Yunel Escobar

“I think he definitely learned a lesson … and he feels remorse.” [via Marc Topkin]

“We feel like he really helps solidify our infield defense, which should be a real strength next year.” [via Dave Haller]

“He will be our primary shortstop, and this allows us to deploy Zo in more effective ways and utilize his versatility.” [via Dave Haller]


  • Derek Shelton has a new assistant. []
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Rays have been involved in several multi-team trades that sound like a lot of wishful thinking. [Fox Sports]
  • According to Ken Rosenthal, Jeff Keppinger is asking for a 2-year contract worth $8 million and that the Yankees are among those still interested despite his broken leg. [Twitter]
  • And a few hours later, Jeff Keppinger’s demands were up to 3-years and $12 million. Anybody still think the Rays have a shot? It was fun while it lasted. [Twitter]
  • Noah Pransky discusses a recent op-ed about the possibility of sharing ownership of the Rays with the taxpayers. This is a subject we discussed two years ago. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • As offensive production decreases in the post-steroids era, stolen bases have become more important. [Fangraphs]






  1. don says:

    Does anyone think Kepp is NOT worth $4mil a year even if for 3 years...when they pay guys like luke Scott $5mil yr multi year deal and he can't even play in the field ...they knew that.... B. Roberts $3mil and Kepp not $4mil are you kidding me....
    $5 mil for a SS that can't out hit Kepp (an infielder) with Zo at SS and Kepp in the infield..... are you KIDDING me???

  2. Matt says:

    With our budget? No, Kepp is not worth it. He had a good season, let's move on. As far as Scott, he was coming off of an injury and is an established power hitter. He will be fully recovered in 2013 and back in top form. The Rays need to sign him at a lower rate with incentives. We need a guy like him on the field and off.

  3. Josh says:

    While I admit I hated Escobar when we played against him, I think he is an upgrade both offensively and defensively. His attitude is something I have questioned, but I thought the same thing with Luke Scott and he was a pleasant surprise in the clubhouse so you never know.

    That being said it is definitely a shame to lose Kepp. I think 4 million is a bargain for him. I would take Kepp (at SS) over Escobar OR over Loney (at 1B) any day.

    • Drew says:

      I don't think Joe Maddon would let Jeff Keppinger play shortstop for more than 10 games. He is pretty bad defensively. Look at last season. We had no real shortstop, played 4 different guys there, and Keppinger wasn't one of them. Not even an inning. That's the most telling sign. Would I like to have him back? Yes. But as Joe said, splitting time between 1B/2B would be a better fit. I have no problem with 2/$10mil, I don't know why the Rays do. Maybe a bad clubhouse guy...who knows

  4. Beth says:

    on stadium-ownership issues: I think some kind of shared public ownership of sports franchises (think Green Bay) is the way to preserve smaller market teams. But what are the chances that either the Rays current ownership, or the other MLB owners, would ever, ever, ever in a million years allow that to happen?

  5. Joe says:

    I know he's not nice and all but the only question I ask is: Will he help the Rays? I believe he will at SS and at 2B where Zo is better.

    Kepp should be resigned for 1b vs lefties and 2b vs righties and 4 mil is not an overpay when your best contact hitter from last year is thinking of joining the Yankees!

  6. Gus says:

    Do the Escobar and S-Rod signings mean we've seen the last of Eliot Johnson on the roster? Can a boy dream?

  7. Burn H. says:

    If Elliot could play 1st. he might not bounce it to 1st, but look out 2nd.


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