3Last night marked the first day of our annual 12 Days of Raysmas. Well, before we get to Day 2, let’s take a look back at last year’s Raysmas and see how many of our wishes came true…

Day 12 – TWELVE ACRES IN DOWNTOWN TAMPA: No one site in Tampa or St. Pete is going to be a perfect location for the Rays. And if you ask ten fans where the team should play, you will probably get 11 different answers. But what we do know is that the Rays are running out of time…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 11 – ELEVEN POSTSEASON WINS: The Rays missed the playoffs for just the second time in five years…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 10 – $10 MILLION ADDED TO THE 2012 PAYROLL: At the time of the writing, the Rays’ 2012 payroll was projected to be $55 million and we wanted it to be closer to $65 million. When the season finally started it was $64.2 million. Close enough...GIFT RECEIVED

Day 9 – NINE STARTS FOR MATT MOORE BEFORE THE ALL-STAR BREAK: It’s hard to believe, but last March there was no guarantee that Moore would be in the rotation. However, in the end, the Rays couldn’t resist the lure of double-nickel’s talent, giving him 17 starts prior to the break…GIFT RECEIVED

Day 8 – EIGHT POSITIONS WITH AT LEAST A LEAGUE-AVERAGE HITTER: Here is how the Rays ranked at each position according to OPS: C (13th out of 14 AL teams), 1B (12th), 2B (6th), 3B (4th), SS (5th), LF (10th), CF (7th), RF (5). The Rays don’t mind weak hitting catchers if they are superior defensively. However, the goal is to be at least average at the other eight spots and hope that a couple are well-above average. Well, of the eight non-catching positions, only five were ranked in the top half of the AL. And the other three were horrific…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 7 – SEVEN TICKET MAILERS IN OUR MAILBOX: I receive mailers promoting ticket sales from other teams quite frequently and I still have never received one from the Rays. Maybe the Rays don’t think mailers are effective and the money is better spent elsewhere. But it does add more fuel to the conspiracy fires that think the Rays are sabotaging ticket sales to force a move out of the Trop…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 6 – A SIX MAN ROTATION IN APRIL: The Rays almost went to a quasi-six-man rotation late in the season before injuries mounted. And while we are not a big fan of the six-man rotation, if the Rays are going to use one, we prefer to see it early in the year to save the arms later in the year…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 5 – FIVE-YEAR EXTENSION FOR DAVID PRICE: Didn’t happen. And now it looks like it never will…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 4 – FOUR ALL-STARS: Only David Price and Fernando Rodney were named to the AL All-Star team in 2012…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 3 – THREE-YEAR CONTRACT FOR PRINCE FIELDER: OK, this one was a bit of a stretch. But at the time, some felt Fielder was willing to sign a 3-year contract. And while he still would have been expensive, there was not a lot of risk that is usually associated with the top free agents. In the end, Detroit gave him the 9-year contract he wanted…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 2 – TWO PLAYERS WITH 40 STOLEN BASES: Desmond Jennings and BJ Upton both had 31 stolen bases, the most on the team. That was the lowest total for the team leader since Randy Winn swiped 27 bases in 2002…GIFT NOT RECEIVED

Day 1 – ONE $8 MILLION BAT: My how things have changed. At the time we were hoping the Rays could grab Carlos Pena for $8 million in what was a dwindling free agent market. The Rays did sign Pena for $7.25 million. So while the gift was received, it wasn’t a very good one…GIFT RECEIVED



  1. don says:

    Many things to comment on..but marketing is my favorite,and past livelyhood:
    Lets see no (real) football season/no hockey/no NBA basketball in town you think ANY sports fans would be receptive right now or BEFORE Xmas for 2013 baseball tickets..for themselves or gifts...I haven't seen any marketing efforts by the Rays .....
    maybe their on vacation with congressmen and them politicians

  2. Dave L says:

    Your batting average on wishes was very Rays-like at .250 (vs .240) but your OPS with the $8M Pena bat and $10M in added payroll as the was, well .....not so much heheh


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