When we first heard that Evan Longoria had surgery on his hamstring to clear up scar tissue, he said that he would be ready by the time players report to Spring Training in mid-February. Joe Maddon sounds less optimistic.

Buried at the bottom of a column by Roger Mooney of TBO.com, Maddon said Longoria “might not be ready” at the start of the Spring Training schedule (late February) but Maddon “expects” Longo to be ready by opening day.

Isn’t this how it always starts? He’ll just be out a couple of days and doesn’t need to go on the DL. He goes on the DL, but don’t worry, they expect him to be ready when he is eligible to come off the DL. A month later, the player is still on the DL.

And here we are in December, and the Rays are already telling us that Longoria is likely to miss some spring training games and may not play in the Spring at all. And what if he is out the entire Spring? He would then need a couple of weeks on a rehab assignment to get back into game-shape. Now we are talking about Longoria missing regular season games with what is turning out to be the worst hamstring injury in the history of the universe.

And yes, it is a bit of leap to go from “might not be ready” for Spring games to “will miss regular season games.” But the Rays and Longoria don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to timely returns from injuries. And deep down, would you really be surprised if Longo started the season on the DL?

*Head hits desk*



  1. Joe says:

    Joe has every right to be pessimistic but for me, it's more of when will he get hurt, not that he's STILL hurt. I think he's in the opening day lineup though.

  2. Mike M says:

    I will just set my personal expectation that he will be back by May. They I will be pleasantly surprised if he comes back before!

  3. doug says:

    i am an ortho surgeon. based on what i know of the procedure, it is truely minor. i would anticipate that Longo will be full spped by spring training.


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