Earlier this week, the Rays traded James Shields, Wade Davis, and a player to be named later to the Royals. And after seeing Shields yesterday, I am wondering if the third piece in the trade is Shields’ beard.

Shields appeared on the MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” and revealed an impressive beard that makes it look like he is auditioning for “Cast Away 2.” And by the way, as we have discussed before, that is not a Tampa Bay Lightning cap that he is wearing…

And here is the photoshopped image of Shields in a Royals uniform that is seen in the video…



  1. Jeffrey says:

    He even has the Lightning hat.

  2. mr.t.50 says:

    I hate to bust it to you, but that is not a Tampa Bay Lightning hat. It is an Electric hat. Electric is a company that makes sunglasses, and snowboarding goggles and stuff like that. Here is a link that proves it. http://www.dogfunk.com/electric-hats?AID=10908507&PID=5750572&SID=skim27956X901262Xbdc4b952ba3d100210c2360a21c799c5


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