Baseball America (via Marc Topkin) has a big list of minor leaguers that have been granted free agency, including 16 players from the Rays’ organization. The biggest names are Will Rhymes, who spent much of the season with the Rays, and first basemann Henry Wrigley, whom many Rays fans were hoping would get a late-season call-up.



  1. don says:

    I like Rymes cheap @ $1mil-2mil. A Fuld infielder...better than roberts at $2-3 MIL. Wrigley..don't know or care. Kepp. is the best infielder (1B) they could sign..WHo is better for less than $5 tell me....

  2. Thomas says:

    Letting Wrigley go might end up being a big miss for the Rays. Would have liked to see him get a chance.

  3. LaneMeyer says:

    At 26, Wrigley has less than 100 games at AAA, I am guessing that means he can't hit a curve. Rhymes was poison defensively and hit .228 with no power. Nothing to see here... move along.

    • Raysfan137 says:

      Wrigley was promoted from AA to AAA mid season, and his numbers initially improved in some areas. In late July he was leading the Rays farm system in all 3 triple crown categories. He made some adjustments going back to 2010 and this season has shown it may be career changing adjustments.

      He is currently hitting .333 in VWL and .425 in his last ten games.

      I think he's a potential miss if we don't re-sign him.

      • LaneMeyer says:

        Don't kid yourself, if he were any good, he'd have been up in September. There's always one or two guys in the minors that suddenly have a great year at AA or AAA and everyone thinks they're about to be a star. Usually they're 25-28 and just more mature than the other players but unable to hit at the MLB level to break through. Russ Canzler was last year's version.

  4. slacker775 says:

    I like Rhymes but you can't help but notice that when it was Johnson and Rhymes up the middle, errors were in abundance. When it changed to Zobrist & Roberts, we were much better defensively.

  5. reeni645 says:

    I like Rhymes. He actually has some brains which helps make up for his size. He is a fan favorite when with the Rays. This underdog did well for us. He can run, catch and throw and belongs on 2nd base. He doesn't do as well on thrid base. He did very well in July with triple, homer, RBIs the ws sent down when Joyce came back. He is a well rounded utility/infielder.

    It wasn't Rhymes and Johnsoon that made the was Sean rodriguez and Johnson....34 errors between them, Zobrist 12 and Longo 9 in the few games he played. Longo had 8 errors in the month of April alone!

    Please DON'T resign johnson and SRod...


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