According to Marc Topkin, the Rays “have interest” in Chone Figgins who was just released by the Mariners with one year and $8 million left on his contract. The interest makes sense considering: a) he played with the Angels when Joe Maddon was a coach there; b) he can play many positions; and c) he will likely come cheap and is the typical, low-cost, high-reward player the Rays love to gamble on.

Of course, the risk here is that Figgins hasn’t been a productive big league hitter since he last played with the Angels in 2009. In three seasons with the Mariners, he hit just .227 with a .302 OBP and 4 home runs. He also has missed a lot of time, playing in just 147 games in the last two seasons combined. In the six seasons before that, Figgins hit .292 with a .365 OBP and averaged 44 stolen bases.


  • After some reports that said maybe, maybe not, Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports says Royals slugging outfield prospect Wil Myers is now definitely available for starting pitching. Can you guys think of a team with excess starting pitching? The report does say the Royals “covet” James Shields but are worried about his durability and length of his contract (only 2 years remaining). [Yahoo! Sports]
  • According to Jayson Stark of, the asking price for James Shields is similar to the 5-player deal the Rays got for Matt Garza “and goes north from there.” And the asking price for David Price is “double that.” And that’s why Stark says Jeremy Hellickson is much more likely to be traded. []
  • The Yankees have “renewed its longstanding interest” in Jeff Keppinger, and may view him as a replacement for Alex Rodriguez at third base (who would become a DH). Just more evidence that Kepp’s days with the Rays are probably over. [Fox Sports]
  • And a Padres blogger for wants the Padres to add Jeff Keppinger. []
  • Rough game for the Bucs, but they are still in the playoff hunt. [JoeBucsFan]






  1. don says:

    Off topic but appropriate: Bucs playing a 1st place team on a Holiday weekend fighting for a playoff spot, (8 Home games a year): NO SELLOUT (85% not sold)
    If that would have been the Rays playing the Yankees on Labor Day weekend..not selling out, every 5cent media type and blogg sites in Tampabay would have been screaming, showing front page pictures of empty seats..."St petersburg doesn't deserve a professional team" Well lets move to Tampa for all that Fan and corp. support...what do you think?

    • Ted Sheckler says:

      Spot on Sir. The Rays might draw a handful more in Tampa, but not nearly enough to make a difference or pull them out of the attendance basement. The media would still be all over their terrible attendance, and they would still brush off the Bucs' poor attendance. Why doesn't the media say Florida isn't a "football state" when the Bucs can't sell out a game like that?

  2. Mike says:

    Where did the Rays find $100 million?


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