A few tidbits on BJ Upton

  • Carroll Rogers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the Braves are targeting several center fielders but that BJ Upton continues to be their top choice, who are making a “strong push.” [AJC.com]
  • Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com says BJ Upton “could take more recruiting trips” and the Phillies “could be the favorite.” We already know that Upton has visited with the Braves and Phillies and has had preliminary talks with the Nationals. [Twitter]
  • Meanwhile, Dan Szymborski projects BJ Upton to sign with the Reds. [ESPN Insider]


  1. J 2.0 says:

    Tigers released Ryan Raburn. Hometown, Rays type of player available. Should be affordable. Not a save the team pickup, but wouldn't be bad to have another utility man with some pop on the roster.

  2. don says:

    "Recruiting Trips" what is this CBS, I think you are mixed up he's not looking for a college campus with lots of girls ....
    He wants any baseball team with money, somebody call him tomorrow with $80mil to spend and see if he needs any more trips....

  3. phil says:

    Heard a rumor for shields going to the brewers who need pitching for Hunter Morris, a power hitting first baseman who played at AA last year and a catcher Martin Maldonado who put up decent numbers as a backup in the majors and Scotter Gennett thier 6th rated prospect who is an undersized second baseman also played at AA.....3 potential starters in one trade!

  4. Dave L says:

    This is the first rumor posted on this site which actually sounds like it would be a good fit for the Rays while having the added benefit of being plausible with the framework of how the Rays brass stuctures its salaries and leverages its high priced assets to build for the future continually on the cheap.

    The final deal for James, if there is one, he being the only plausable asset to move, will look something like this rumored Brewers deal.

  5. phil says:

    Thanks for the compliment!


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