David Price still has to wait another week before he will find out if he is the winner of the AL Cy Young Award. And how is he passing the time? Oh, you know, just leading the PGA Tour’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic.  And through 12 holes, Price is on top of the amateur leaderboard at minus-7, tied with two others.

Here are a couple of images from this morning. First is Price’s “mound face”…

And here’s DP’s dugout face…



  1. Don says:

    He's using one of those long(belly) putters (Used by older golfers when their nerves get in the way), usually in a golfer that means he doesn't trust his hands in putting with a regular short putter , which is mostly hand-eye cooridination, I wouldn't think thats a good sign for a young baseball pitcher....

  2. Tony says:

    Don.....After reading this article thats what you get out of it????? LOL......Go take a nap!!!

    • don says:

      I see things in professional athletes performance, Joe avg. will never see, and the media can't explain.....go figure...


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