There was some concern that BJ Upton would have a tough time in free agency because there were several other center fielders on the market. But as we mentioned before with the Rangers, several of the teams losing a center fielder will also be in the market for a replacement. That list includes the Atlanta Braves, who need to replace two outfielders. And according to Mark Bowman of, the Braves have their eyes firmly set on Upton, especially now that Torii Hunter has signed with the Tigers…

Braves had visions of signing both Torii Hunter and B.J. Upton. With Hunter off the board, Upton remains their top free agent target.

In addition to the Braves, we already know that the Phillies are the “early favorite” and the Rangers “definitely have interest.” And other teams that are in the market for a CF/OF include the Giants, Brewers, Red Sox, and Yankees. And if two or three of those teams join the Phillies and Braves with strong interest, we could see Upton end up with a deal even bigger than the 5-year, $70 million contract I predicted.



  1. Mark says:

    As a former Braves fan, I would welcome this.

  2. angry buddha says:

    As a former Braves hater, I'd like this, too... If feels "right" that he ends up there and not in Philly.


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