Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com is the latest to weigh in on the possibility of trading David Price, weighing the pros (“They could ask for a three- or four-player package that could address almost all of their needs [a shortstop, a catcher, a big hitter at first base or in the outfield, and more young pitching].”) and cons (“The Rays are trying to win it all“) of such a deal. Of course, we all know the pros and cons. And while we should not be shocked if the Rays traded Price, such a move would seem to make more sense next winter.

But maybe more interesting in the meantime is a quote from an anonymous N.L. executive when asked if Price would be a $20 million a year player if he was a free agent…

“A lot more than that.”

Of course, that doesn’t really answer the question. But “a lot more” does give us a sense that we are probably talking about at least $25 million per year.

And how many players have signed a long-term contract in the history of baseball worth at least $25 million per season? Two. Alex Rodriguez (he has done it twice) and Ryan Howard. And now think  about how much a team would be willing to give up to get a $25 million player at half the price. It would solve all the Rays’ problems. But it would mean losing Price, a very scary proposition.


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  1. Dustin says:

    My least favorite part is the thought of watching the Rays face him. Couldn't they find a trade partner in the NL?

    Also, I wonder if how the Phillies felt when they woke up the morning after having signed Ryan Howard to that back-loaded $125 million five-year contract extension in the middle of what I can only imagine was an epic bender. Nothing other than the kind of bravado that comes from consuming prodigious amounts of cocaine and whiskey could possibly explain the decision. "You whiff with alarming alacrity, can't field, can't run, and there's every reason to believe you're only going to get worse at all these things over the next several years? Pffft. Whatever. You know what I think of that? Here's $25 million for your 37th birthday, and another $100 million for every birthday between now and then. Now order us another round while I run to the bathroom for a sec."

    As frustrating as the tight purse-strings in Tampa Bay can be, I'm glad the Rays try hard not to waste huge amounts of money.


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