Guess what?! St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster will not let the Rays look for a new stadium in Hillsborough County. Shocking, right? And what is Foster’s reasoning? Stuart Sternberg knew the Rays situation was a mess when he bought the team and well, tough s*t.

Here is a snippet of a letter Mayor Foster wrote to Sternberg (via…

“When you became the principal owner of the Rays in 2005, you did so with your eyes wide open, fully aware of this history, and with full knowledge of the commitments made by your predecessors just ten years earlier.”

But maybe my favorite part of the story is the picture used by the Tampa Tribune editors (above). It reminds me of this.


  • Rich Thompson, who was removed from the 40-man roster last week, has chosen free agency over a demotion to the minors.
  • Scott Boras says it is unlikely that Jeremy Hellickson or Desmond Jennings will sign a long-term deal with the Rays. Marc Topkin also writes that Rays are likely to extend a qualifying offer to BJ Upton and he is likely to turn it down (which will be worth a draft pick for the Rays). []
  • Meanwhile, it was the World Series, so it was time for Bud Selig to make his annual comments on the Rays stadium situation. He’s disappointed, blah, blah, blah, but still offers no solution or indication that MLB will get involved. []
  • Noah Pranksy has more on the stadium situation. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • Carl Crawford was finally introduced in Los Angeles and says he felt pressure from Red Sox fans to play hurt. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Our old friend Pat Burrell may have tried to beat up Roland Hedley Jon Heyman. [Deadspin]
  • Another old friend, Manny Ramirez, might be taking his post-big league train to Japan to play baseball. Well, I guess that would be a boat. [NYPost]
  • I know a lot of you want Jeff Keppinger back, but don’t think other teams didn’t notice what he did this season. And that means Keppinger is no longer a buy-low candidate. Here’s one story saying he will be a good fit for the Pirates. [RantSports]
  • Ever wonder why everybody is always yelling at each other on ESPN? [BI Sports]
  • Another Bucs defensive back is facing suspension for using Adderrall. [JoeBucsFan]






  1. KT says:

    It's funny, I have a friend who I just found out went to high school with Pat the Fat and was good friends with him. Later on, whenever Pat was in the town where my friend lived he would call him up to party with him, often till late in the night, and when he had a game the next day.

    It all makes sense now. Especially Crawford's comments about how much this team liked to party.

  2. don says:

    Pat Burrell: Word was C Crawford threatened to kick his ass in the Rays Clubhouse If he didn't quit his complaining & crying, and Burrell backed down like the chickenshit he was...

    Foster, I remember when he was running for Mayor, He said he would do anything to "help" the cities relationship with the much for politicians, the Woman running aga. him said she didn't care what the Rays did.... the City had more important other problems...voters screw up again

  3. Beazy says:

    Look, Billy, we can't knock you for trying, BUT bottom line is that the Rays! are moving to Channelside whether you like it or not. Your just a small time politician, your not going to stop "financial elitist" like Stu and Vinik from doing anything. Don't make St. Pete look like a bad guy. Get all the money you can from the Rays's move, AND put it back into downtown like the new pier, more attractive entertainment, and getting the bums off the street, you'll still win an election rolling w/ the punches while making St. Pete better. Face it, St. Pete is a small city surrounded by water with a declining population, Tampa is a big city continually on the rise. It is what it is. So stop crying, man-up, and just be lucky yenz even had a professional sports team for a cash cow for so long for such a small city!

    • Raysfan137 says:

      I agree with most of what you said. But before you send it t Foster, look up "your" and "you're", please.

  4. Dave L says:

    This stadium stuff bores the crap out of me.

    I dont have a dog in this hunt as I don't live in Hillsborough or Pinellas.

    Question: Why does everyone expect Foster to be the one to make the first move?

    There is a contract, one party loves the status quo, the other desperately wants out. So shouldnt the unhappy party be the one to offer a buy out? Then they can negotiate from there.

    Why should the party who is very happy to not change a thing be the one to start to give in? I never understood this expectation from some.

    Most politicians in Florida sell out their constituents to big monied owners in a heartbeat, as did the Tampa ones for the Bucs and the Miami/Dade for the Marlins.

    At least this guy is protecting his citizens interests long term. I respect him for that. He's not the Mayor of Tampa Bay remember.

    • Beazy says:

      You do have a "dog in the fight" if your commenting on here in Oct.. And, "So shouldnt the unhappy party be the one to offer a buy out? Then they can negotiate from there." is what will happen, captain obvious! Plus, Tampa made an investment which brought more money then spent w/ getting USF, soccer, a couple SBs, etc.!

      • Dave L says:

        Beazy I dont live in near any of the areas where stadiums have/could be built. Where do you live and work? I'm guessing not Pinellas County. How far are you from Channelside where you think its a done deal?

        Bulls would have gladly played in the old Sombrero, I know as I have had season tickets since the day they were offered. There are dozens of top 40 programs in football with stadiums in that class.

        So you are agreeing with me with the captain obvious statement? I can't decipher your response sorry please clarify.

        • Raysfan137 says:

          I can't comprehend it either. Your original post was spot on. All of this is noise until someone makes someone else a legitimate offer to terminate the contract under some agreement. It has been going on for years, and yet Stu makes no offer. Selig makes noise, but doesn't get involved. Foster postures lake a school yard bully, and nothing new happens. We've all seen the math. There really isn't anyplace better for the Rays to move right now. So Stu keeps making noise since that's all he can do. As soon as he has some real leverage - like reals threats by MLB to contract, or real bankruptcy threats, he'll make some kind of offer. Until then, he has no leverage and Foster is being smart not to give him any. It's two businessman playing their cards pretty well in a bad economy. And it bores the hell out of me.

          • Raysfan137 says:

            Now that I think about it, Stu should call Nate Ford and team to get this thing over with once and for all.

        • Beazy says:

          LOL, the "captain obvious" statement was an agreement. But, living in Ocala, and I'm sure for everyone else that lives up and down i75 (Gainesville, Ocala, the Villages, Brooksville, Dade City, W.Chapel, Brandon, Riverview, Sun City, etc., OR simply the areas of west central w/a ever rising population unlike Pinellas co., Channelside would not only be the "place to be" for most of our entertainment, considering the whats planned for there future w/ the Riverwalk, Forum, Encore, a revamped Ch.s plaza, the newly remodeled Aquarium, cruise port, which would also brings new hotels, stores, etc., BUT save us exactly a 49 mile round trip, yes, 49 less miles to have to drive to go to a Rays! game, AND let's not forget those out i4 (which some say is the future development of Fla.) would save the same. Again, the proof is in the pudding, it's just a matter of getting all the bull out of the way (which is why this story was wrote), until the make it official, I would say around Spring Training...

  5. Fatmosh says:

    Can we all agree that nothing is going to happen with the stadium situation until Foster is no longer mayor?

    At this point, the Rays have to be just biding their time...

  6. don says:

    I don't think there is a person in the world that hasn't signed a contract he/she wishes they could get out of, do people think Stuie was fooled by being "stuck" in Pinellas, He agreed to it!
    Now his job/expense is to find a way out.. if that is what he wants, pay for that privilege... Mr.wall street boy...

  7. Stu didn't sign the lease, he bought the team that was contractually obligated. Now he feels he can double the value of his investment by whining his way out of St Pete and Glazering Hillsborough County.

    Some one tell Stu to sell the team to someone who can afford to keep it and quit your whining.

    • don says:

      OK if you want to be picky, Stuie agreed to the terms of the contract that the previous owners signed, I'll bet ole stuie his Team purchase will not double if he moves to Hillbilly co. in the rush hour mob seen known as I275 & I4, In fact after 3-4 years it will be a proven loser with his big financial mortgage & obligations
      then try to sell the team with 15,000 avg attendance...


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