The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Orioles 1, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: James Shields. How good was James Shields? He had a career high (and club record) 15 strikeouts, walked none, and gave up just 2 hits. And according to ESPN, Shields’ start produced a game score of 94 (measures a pitchers performance). That is the highest ever for a losing pitcher in a 9-inning game in the Live Ball Era. EVER! And Shields was amped up last night. His fastball which is typically not a very good pitch, was dominant. He regularly hit 95-96, and even hit 95 on the gun in the 9th inning. And by the end of the night he had a whopping 10 swing-and-misses on his fastball alone. That is a huge number.

THE BAD: Just Imagine. Can you imagine what it would have felt like if this was the game that eliminated the Rays from the playoffs? Holy Cow! And yet, in some ways, it would have been perfect. A dominant pitching performance combined with an offense that did absolutely nothing.

THE TELLING: Fernando Rodney was named the Rays MVP in voting by the local chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association. Matt Moore was named the top rookie.


  • James Shields called last night’s performance “probably the best game of my career.” And Joe Maddon called it a “sin” that Shields’ start was wasted. []
  • Joe Maddon congratulated Buck Showalter with a bottle of wine. []
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  • Another developer has come forward with plans to purchase land in the Channelside area and build a baseball stadium. This is the same land that Lightning owner Jeff Vinik is reportedly close to purchasing. Vinik also wants to build a baseball stadium. []
  • Out of Florida State, Florida, and Miami, which do you think produces the most NFL players? [BI Chart]
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  1. don says:

    If I was Shields I'd be looking for the first train out of here,
    Shields, Price, Hellboy all will have better careers if they could get on a team recognizing that "hitters" are important..won't happen here because the Rays Management (AF & Stuie) won't pay of it...the good pitchers are stuck to a life of getting beat by one run..
    Can you imagine Shields or Hellboy on the Rangers or the Angeles, or Detroit.....they pay for hitters....

  2. phil says:

    How about they trade Shields for some hitters? Texas and the Angels are both going to look for a starter. btw Texas has a stacked farm system

  3. Allen says:

    We won 90 games with pathetic hitting. What we needed to win was 3 more games. That's all. Rather than better hitting, couldn't defense have done that for us? Possibly, but we've got to have more production from catcher, first base and right field. We also need a better performance from Jennings.

    The final game of the year was in some respects a microcosm of this whole year. There were four homeruns. All 4 were solo shots. All four!
    Contrast that with the Yankees who also had four homeruns. Our 4 homers produced 4 runs while NY's 4 produced 8 runs.

    In other words, there were no runners on base. None. We had four homeruns but nobody was on base. Hitting, or lack thereof, has been the downfall of this team this year.

    I am so disappointed in Joyce. What a loser. Maybe Gimenez can be a catcher who can catch and hit. Maybe we don't have to trade or look elsewhere for a new catcher. I don't know what to do about first base and right field.

    If we could get more production out of those two positions as well as catcher, and a full year from Longoria, maybe, just maybe we could repeat the 1971 Baltimore Orioles and have four 20 win pitchers.


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