Playing A Little Pepper

With the Rays needing 3 wins and 3 Oakland losses, which games scare you the most over the next 3 days?

Honestly, I don’t feel very good about either game tonight. Oakland is facing a young lefty making just his 6th big league start, and they will be at home playing in a playoff-like atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Rays get Wei-Yin Chen who will be making his 5th start against the Rays, and an A’s club that still wants to win the division. The upside is that if the Rays are still alive tomorrow, the pitching match-ups start to look a little better…TONIGHT IS WORRISOME

Game Graph

[Will be up at game time]

Source: FanGraphs


  1. Flash Jennings, LF
  2. BJ Upton, CF
  3. Ben Zobrist, SS
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. Jeff Keppinger, 1B
  6. Ben Francisco, DH
  7. Sam Fuld, RF
  8. Ryan Roberts, 2B
  9. Chris Giminez, C
  10. Alex Cobb, SP

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  1. Adam W says:

    The problem will be if we're still in contention after tonight it means the Rangers have locked up the West and have nothing to play for.

  2. Allen says:

    Don't we have to win all three and have the A's lose all three in order to have a chance to get into postseason? If that happens, the Rays will be 91-71 and Oakland will be 91-71. What happens to determine which team gets the #2 Wildcard spot?

    I have a faint amount of hope, but am now singing that old Dodgers tune, "Wait 'til next year."

  3. Dave L says:

    If we are tied we play the A's one game first, right?

    Those playoff chance percentage fangraph thingy is a staple around here of analysis and they have been all over the map with regard to the O's.

    But I have to say for the Rays that 1% sounds about right this time. The O's and A's are just playing too well.

    Who is most likely to be swept? A's? O's?... Rangers?....Rays??? None I think. Maybe the Bosox


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