Jeremy Hellickson has won the American League’s Gold Glove Award for pitchers. He is actually a co-recipient, tying Jake Peavy of the White Sox.

Gotta admit. This one is a bit of head scratcher. I am not saying Hellickson isn’t a good defensive pitcher. But I have never thought of Hellickson as a great defender and I don’t recall ever being wowed by something he did with the glove.

He did only allow seven stolen bases all season. But he had just one pickoff.

Then again, it’s hard to take the Gold Gloves seriously considering their track record. This is the same award that was given to Rafael Palmeiro in a season in which he played 28 games at first base.



  1. Dave L says:

    This caused me to do something I never have done, look up defensive pitching stats. Hellickson's and Peavy's were good but nothing stood out.

    By the stats Justin Masterson should have won it you could argue.

    Maybe its a consolation prize from the other managers recognizing that Helli had the lowest run support in the AL of the 53 pitchers who logged more than 120 innings.

    This is reason #27 why there is no way the Rays move Helli until we've squeezed every drop of relatively low $$ production out of him as we did Jackson, Kaz, CC, now BJ, soon Juego G one day Price, Longo....

    And the beat goes on in the sparsely attended subtropical prarie that is Rays land...

  2. Josh says:

    And also the fact that Mike Trout didn't win one...

  3. don says:

    Well he didn't catch any balls between his legs or behind his back, but he also didn't throw any away to 1st or over the head of the 3rd baseman with a players on 1st/3rd like Price,Shields...
    Maybe they give the award for not making (errors) mistakes, you think?
    Hellboy keeps piling up the awards...payday is coming........ Boras is the man to get it


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