The big news today is that Gerry Hunsicker, the Rays VP of Baseball Operations, and highly underrated member of the front office, has been hired by the Los Angeles Dodgers (via LA Times).

The news of the move is not a surprise as there have been numerous rumors in recent years of other clubs flirting with Hunsicker. However, most of those rumors had Hunsicker leaving the Rays to once again become a General Manager, a position he previously held with the Astros. And yet with the Dodgers, his title will be Senior Advisor, Baseball Operations, which sounds like the same thing we was doing with Andrew Friedman.

However, the Dodgers have one thing the Rays don’t: Deep pockets. That means a bigger salary for him and a bigger payroll to work with. Or maybe Gerry likes to surf.


  • Meanwhile, Gerry Hunsicker told Marc Topkin that it was time for a new challenge. I am not sure I buy that. It is not like the Dodgers lost 90 games this season. And their payroll is skyrocketing. If Hunsicker was looking for a challenge, there were probably plenty of bigger challenges that would have loved to add Hunsicker as an advisor. []
  • Nick Cafardo says some are looking at the Rays and feel they will finally trade some pitching for some offense. And according to “some baseball officials,” that includes the possibility of trading David Price. [Boston Globe]
  • Fernando Rodney was named the AL’s comeback player of the year. []
  • Luke Scott wants to return to the Rays in 2013. The club has a $6 million option on his contract. []
  • Delmon Young won the ALCS MVP award. James Schmehl writes that Young “has finally come alive.” [mLive]
  • A new exhibit in Ybor chronicles the history of baseball in the Bay Area. []






  1. don says:

    Him and Magic Johnson will put together a dynasty that could rock the baseball world (sort of like the Lakers) why stay here and fight over nickels and dimes with the Walstreet investment boys always looking for a bottom line figure to make them rich(er) instead of the best baseball team they can assemble....
    maybe thats what Gerry think???
    sidenote: CC will be part of the "Show"

  2. Formattedfire says:

    Hey Don, how'd that Tiger's sweep over your Yankees taste, you phony Rays fan?!?! 😀

    • Don says:

      Thats how observant you are, i've said many times here and other sites the two best Managers in the AL are Showalter and Jim leyland...Girardi is only 3rd.... you brain surgeon

  3. Mike says:

    I think Mr. Hunsicker just wants a different challenge. He has accomplished everything here (except a WS) that he could possibly have hoped to accomplish. Now he can try and do it under different circumstances, with a much bigger wallet, and work with different people. I wish him the best and am glad that if he had to leave he went to the NL. I just hope BJ will do the same, as I would hate to see him in a Red Sox uniform.


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