Today marks the 7th anniversary of the day Stuart Sternberg took control of the Rays. And what an amazing seven years it has been, including three trips to the playoffs in the last five years and averaging 91 wins per season during that span.

And oh by the way, two AL East banners. That’s one more than the Red Sox have in the last 17 years.

*Raising a glass* To Mr. Sternberg and the rest of the Tampa Bay Rays…Cheers.



  1. KT says:

    "Three trips to the last five years". That sounds like fun.

  2. Don says:

    Wanta guess how much money he has made the last 7 years, let me help its in the 100's of millions,but NO baseball player to them is worth spending BIG ($10 mil+)money on....see how that plays out with Price.. be interesting
    Small backfire: it cost them Millions $ not making the playoffs in 2012 because they wouldn't get a hitter at deadline time

  3. Ken says:

    Don...they never will. These guys are stock brokers with an attitude much the same as Bain Capital. They'll outsource their workers to other teams until it's time to sell for a tidy profit and off the team will go to Nashville, Charlotte, Vegas or wherever the new MLB hot spot is. Vancouver perhaps.

  4. Joe says:

    I will NOT raise a glass to Stuart Sternberg. His divisiveness, he can go away now. Sorry, I would rather do something else than raise a glass. He doesn't deserve it.

  5. Formattedfire says:

    Don is a disgruntled Stu detractor, who really is a Yankees fan. The Rays don't get as much revenue as they can through vending contracts, etc. You have to run any business with a budget, and it's not necessarily how much you spend, but how you spend it.

  6. Joe says:

    Comments above are the reason I will never ever raise a proverbial glass to Stu Sternberg. Taking Tampa Bay off of the road uniforms and pitting fans and citizens on both sides of the bay against eac other while maintaining allegiance and interest in the New York Mets among others. Sternberg is a sad tragic and flawed figure who over time has became a part of the problem

  7. Joe says:

    Also on the same logic and not a disrespect but the Boston Red Sox have two more world championship trophies and pennants than what the Rays do. Is it not about being number one in the end?

    • Formattedfire says:

      Huh? The Red Sox have two world series victories since what 19-fricking-17, BFD. They've had one of the highest payrolls in baseball and can basically buy their team since they have their own tv network.

      Most Rays fans (of course you don't, however, and maybe you're a Yankees fan like Don) agree that the ideal spot for a stadium is not in Pinellas County, its in Hillsborough. Stu is doing what any owner would do, and that is exploring options. Both Pineallas and Hillsborough should work together to get a deal done for the "Tampa Bay" Rays...


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