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Red Sox 5, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: There Is Still Hope, I Think. The Rays are now 5 games back with 15 to play. And according to, the Rays now have just an 8.1% chance of making the playoffs, down from 61.3% just 8 days ago. But then consider it was just 6.1% at the same point last year, and you begin to think the Rays can do this. And why are the Rays at 8.1% while the Phillies are at 1.4% despite only being 3.5 games back in the NL Wild Card? Because the Rays still have 3 games against the Orioles. So if we assume the Rays sweep those 3 games — unlikely, yes, but let’s just play along — then the Rays are really just 2 games back in the other 12 games they have left. All of a sudden things don’t seem so bad.

THE BAD: Now For The Bad News. The Rays aren’t chasing the Red Sox this year.

THE TELLING: The Rays sold 11,722 tickets for last night’s game. That was the 10th smallest crowd of the season and the smallest crowd to see the Red Sox at The Trop since 2003…Evan Longoria was not in the lineup in hopes of resting him for the final 15 games…It was good to hear Dave Wills‘ voice again. He missed a few games due to a family matter…Sam Fuld is expected to miss a few games with a sore hamstring…The Rays are also 2 games behind the Angels in the Wild Card.


  • If you missed it last night, Alex Cobb and Jose Molina had to be separated in the dugout. [RI Video]
  • Alex Cobb says he didn’t start the argument in the dugout. He also says he “wouldn’t approach a teammate in the dugout like that,” even though the video clearly shows it was Cobb that walked the length of the dugout and got into Jose Molina’s face. Besides, I am not sure the “He started it!” argument works much past the 7th grade. [The Heater]
  • Evan Longoria says the team is pressing. []
  • Joe Maddon had no problem with Bucs Coach Greg Schiano’s decision to try and force a fumble on the final play against the Giants this weekend. []




  1. Dave L says:

    A friend of mine who knows more about baseball than me texted during the altercation and he immediatley thought it was about the way Molina was calling the game and pitch location specifically about that misguided inside fastball to Ellsbury.

    Afterward Maddon said it wasnt about the passed balls which I assumed it was. I don't think we can be so sure yet unles more info comes out.

  2. Rob says:

    Longo thinks they are pressing? I don't think they are pressing enough. While I think the "trying too hard" excuse can be legitimate in some cases, I think for this team it is a cop out. How many times have we heard that this year? I think is a crutch the team falls back on to avoid criticism. I mean, how can anyone criticize players for working too hard?

    In the same article, Maddon says he has tried a lot of different approaches and none of them seem to be working. That tells me one of two things is going on. 1). No matter what they do, this offense is hopeless because they just don't have the talent or 2). Maddon, et al don't know what they are doing and are throwing everything at the wall hoping that something sticks.

    • Andy says:

      I usually think Maddon is a rather astute, knowledgeable manager. However, he often falls prey to his own ideas. No matter what, if a player has f*cked up, Maddon will get him right back in the lineup, even if that guy can't touch the guy pitching that night. Similarly, he loves to tinker w/his new toys, even if they're not best suited for the game(s) at hand - it's like he gets blinders w/every new acquisition & no matter what, they're playing!!

      With Longoria about to return, he decides that Zobrist at SS & Roberts at 2B are the best strategy. So, rather than rethink this, he puts Elliot J at 3rd when he hadn't even played there for months. Same w/2nd base; for most of the season, it was Zobrist at 2B & EJ at SS. But when in the most important part of the long schedule, he switches it. WTF!!!???

      Lastly, why move BJ from either of the top 2 spots in the order when he's finally finding his stroke? He LIKES it up there & that was probably a big part of why he was having success. So, he moves him???? And, even tho Kepp has faired better than most if not all of the team, he has very few RBI's. Surely his manager would know this. Yet, Joe puts him in the run-producing parts of the order?!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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