Of course, the biggest questions with the proposed Rays stadium in the Carillon section of St. Pete are: a) How much will it cost?; and b) Who will pay for it?

The developer would not offer an answer to the second question, saying only “there are multiple financing options that require no direct incremental burden on local taxpayers.”

On the other hand, we do have a better idea about the first question. The developer proposed five different stadiums packages with a range of costs. Here are the three main proposals…

  1. Open air stadium (No roof or retractable roof). And the back wall would also be open air — $424 million
  2. Fixed roof stadium with a transparent back wall — $541 million
  3. Retractable roof stadium with a transparent back wall — $570 million

Also, for options 2 and 3, the back wall can become retractable. That adds about $7.5 million to the cost. So the maximum cost of the stadium (retractable roof and wall) is about $577 million.

For comparison, the new ballpark in Miami cost a little under $650 million.

Of course, this doesn’t include infrastructure costs, such as widening roads or adding parking. So there are certainly more costs involved. But this is the pricetag on the stadium itself.



  1. nate says:

    Of course, this doesn't include interest on debt.

    For comparison, the new ballpark in Miami actally will end up costing somehwere over a billion dollars factoring in interest.

    • GeneralAntilles says:

      Frankly, I'm tired of taxpayers having to finance hobbies for millionaires. Pay for your own stadium or go somewhere else. It's not my job to build your business for you.

      Team owners holding municipalities hostage under threat of moving the team to get somebody else to foot their fixed costs. It's corrupt, it's ridiculous. No thanks.

  2. Dave L says:

    How many fans does this proposed Stadium hold? Anything over 32K is wasted space.

    I have a question if anybody has first hand knowledge. If they close the roof in Marlins stadium how long does it take to cool that place down?

    Letting all that heat and humidity during the baseball season 10 times wouldn't be worth it. Maybe leaving it open during the off season to save money on climate control and make the grass simpler to maintain?

    That glass would have such a greenhouse effect, heatwise. But I dont doubt they could grow grass which would be nice. Heck they have a tropical garden bigger than the Trop at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville and thats under glass so grass would seem to be easy compared to that.

    • smithkey says:

      you do realize this isn't some space age technology and it has all been done before? greenhouse effect, air conditioning, real grass......come on man. what are you even talking about?

      • Dave L says:

        Im talking cost and efficiency and maintainance. Try to bone up on comprehension skills. No where did I question whether its possible, in fact I said it was.

        In case you are new to the area, the Rays are a notoriously frugal (cheap) organization.

        I am not like other posters here. I never deal in the improbable when it comes to the Rays.

  3. don says:

    First of all there is no such thing as an "open air" baseball stadium in Florida
    and you can take an "esimate of $500 mil and double it and you will be close when its done...what 2020?
    Wrong question to developer,or to county Comm.or to owners...better Question
    "who do you think should pay for it" then you Will know... whether it will fly or not..If ONE of them says taxpayers in Pinellas County..throw the Plan in the TRASH, and quit wasting my time.....

  4. Gus says:

    The Times article has a pretty big fact error because there is still about 30m in debt after 2016 to be paid on the trop. That said an obvious revenue source is reusing the trop site for something else and using those proceeds and taxes (no taxes on 107 acrees now) to fund the financing hole. Casino gaming is the only thing I can think of that would throw off enough revenue from the trop site, but that is where the creative thinking needs to focus on.

    • GeneralAntilles says:

      Problem is, the Tropicana Field site would be a Superfund site if it weren't a parking lot and baseball stadium. The city did a lot of cleanup when they put the stadium in, but more may be required if the location is developed as something new.

  5. Rob says:

    I find it hard to believe that there is only a $30m difference between a fixed roof and a retractable one.

    I agree with a previous poster (think it was Dave L). Downsize! Limit seating to under 30K and create demand. The smaller stadium will cost less too.

  6. Beazy says:

    The the stadium in the picture is going to look nice across the street from the Tampa Bay Times Forum...

    • don says:

      Yea, all the Bucs fans can go there or the 20,000 lightning fans will go once a week.. that will really help attendance...

      • Beazy says:

        Dude, you can't compare the Bucs w/ the Rays. In ESPN's rank of franchises, the Bucs were 97th, and the Bolts were 7th and Rays were 16th out of 122. And, you can't compare Channelside NOW to whats it's going to be. The Forum was remolded, the aquarium is being remolded, Channelside plaza is to be remolded, a big parking garage with more walking friendly areas is to be built, the Riverwalk is being finished were people can walk all the way around the city and end up @ Channelside (complete w/ places to eat drink fishing and enjoy the scenery), "Encore" is being to built up the road, the 6th largest casino in the word would be only 7 miles away, places like Wesley Chapel-Brandon-and Riverview is expanding in population unlike Pinellas shrinking in pop. (not including the snowbirds during the summer), it would save the people east on I-4 30 miles round trip compared to Carillon, etc., etc., etc....
        And if you don't think moving from a tent surrounded by water in a town only 77th in the us in pop. (probably 100's during the summer) while still drawing 20k, to a new park in an area of entertainment rival to other top spots in America in a city w/ over a hundred thousand more people wouldn't draw a lot more fans, think again...

        • dan r says:

          Beazy, I don't know if what you state is fact or not, I just want to ask what you think the season ticket base would be, how many of the current 12-15k will not renew if it was in channelside? I don't think you can automatically start at 10k or so, I think start at 2-3k and hopefully work up. I for one, don't like trying to get around in downtown tampa, probably because I live in pinellas.

          • Beazy says:

            Most ballparks still offer $10 tix, but it's the extra luxury boxes that the Trop doesn't have that's the financial difference. But, as far as getting around Tampa, w/ I275, I4, and the Crosstown Expressway is all less then a mile from Channelside oppose to either going 275 north or south from the Trop. Either or, plopping a new Major League ballpark in the middle of Tampa's entertainment hub should bring an extra 5-10-15k to the gates...


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