Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

The Rays’ bullpen mastery is almost a given at this point, but when it delivers five scoreless with eight strikeouts against the Rangers, then it deserves the kudos that are getting far too easy to brush aside.

Wade Davis was razor sharp in the 10th and 11th innings Friday, setting the stage for Zorilla’s thrilling walk-off, two-run bomb. Kyle Farnsworth, Fernando Rodney and Joel Peralta were untouchable. Joe wasn’t even nervous seeing Rodney pump fastballs at Josh Hamilton in the ninth.

Joe’s also got to tip his cap to Ryan Roberts. His consistent glove-breaking, burner throws from second base have been fun to watch this season, and Friday one nailed Elvis Andrus at first base in the ninth. It was thrown so damn hard off a slow chopper that the replay could barely slow it down.

Too bad he wasn’t playing second base Thursday instead of Elliot Johnson. The Rays might have another W in the win column.

Exciting stuff for the home crowd tonight. Enough to take your mind off the scary, hopefully temporary, loss of David Price and his sore shoulder.





  1. Beazy says:

    Big ups to the Zobrist family for the walk-on, walk-off...

  2. Dave L says:

    Ryan Roberts is our best defensive second baseman not including Zobrist who is actually our most consistant fielding shortstop, Kepp did a great job on first last night. Although as Joe noted the way they delivered those balls made life simple.

    I want to see that infield against LHP from here forward in the last few weeks.

    Francisco may have been a head scratcher at DH but they noted he had success against these guys and sure enough the man got a hit.

    There is nothing wrong with Price's shoulder, but maybe we could be concerned about his pride a little with AF preferring Archer over him against the Rangers after thier 10 hit, six earned run in 4 innings against him earlier this year, his only start against them in 2012. I am sure he wants another crack but AF/JM wont risk it.

    We shall see if it pays off tonite.....

    Bring on the young unseen by the Rangers Archer!

    Am I the only one who picked up on this?

  3. don says:

    You can pump Price you can praise Rodney, you can think longo is good....BUT by far the best "baseball player" on the Rays is Ben Zobrist...I am positive that 95% of the players would agree

  4. Brian says:

    If Price or Cobb is shut down, why not transition Big Dub back into the rotation? I know he hasn't pitched over a handful of innings in a while but I'm sure a few bullpen sessions can fix that.


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