Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

The common “and-what-if-they-make-it” chatter died down considerably while the Rays were sizzling through much of August, but now Joe’s back to that same line of thinking after today’s bats-challenged 5-3 loss to the Yankees.

Even if the Rays battle back over these final 17 games, it’s impossible to imagine they have what they need to compete for a World Series.

The Rays offered squat at the plate in the eighth and ninth innings today, with the added agony of B.J. Upton tanking two plays in a row in centerfield to give the Yanks an insurance run in the eighth.

At four games back of the final Wild Card slot, the season might just be on the line tomorrow.

Dead bats walking.





  1. don says:

    Next week is match up of 2012 "losers of the year" Tampabay Rays vs. Red Sox for the title...only ahurt toronto can save them there or watch reruns of Seinfeld on TV..

    • Dave L says:

      How are the 2012 Rays losers of the year candidates? Compared to Toronto or Sox?

      They are both 12.5 games behind us?

      We are in the wild card race presently they are batting for the cellar.

      How can u post such utter garbage day after day here? Don't you have pride as a human to be proven a completely wrong with your statements.

      If you are in middle school I apologize sincerely however.

      • Don says:

        I'am in middle school,but I won the "are you smarter than a 5th grader show, I guarantee you didn't...but keep reading and learning, someday you to will graduate

  2. Don says:

    Just sitting here watching the Rays getting beat 5 to 0 in between Bucs plays and that chicken shit Maddon gets thrown out again....If hes a "leader" i'm the president, and don't say well you could be, I know that, but could I be worse than what we have?

  3. bbmern says:

    I think this hater, Don, should be ousted from this site. He has nothing but negative, stupidassed remarks time after time and I am sick of his crap already. He is a total MORON!!!


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