Fox Sports recently spent the day with JP Howell, and the video below was the result. While most of the video involves Howell playing video games, there is an interesting moment when pitching coach Jim Hickey calls and Howell ignores it (while playing a video game of course).

After ignoring the phone call, Howell says Hickey “knows how to calm me down somehow.” But then follows that up with an odd comment, saying the most important thing about a pitching coach “pretty much just staying out of the way.”

The entire sequence is odd and I am not sure Howell even knows what he is saying…

Workday: J.P. Howell – Part 2

FOX Sports | Myspace Video



  1. Steve says:

    I watched all three parts on youtube. Pretty cool

  2. don says:

    California "land of fruits and Nuts" and we have our token....Longoria close behind... also liking video games..


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