Rays Superfan Dick Vitale was at last night’s game at The Trop and wasn’t pleased with the announced attendance of 11,722, the lowest total for a Red Sox game since 2003.

So cue the attendance excuses, the “he’s right” charmers, the stadium debate, the Red Sox bandwagon jokes, and the “oh god, why does anybody care what Dickie V.” thinks comments…

And then two hours later…



  1. davis says:

    i said it on twitter and will say it here too...we arent all millionaires...consider the circumstances...red sox arent good, we were failing the last few days,plus a weeknight

  2. Rob says:

    The Rays offense hasn't shown up all year. Why should the fans? I am actually considering tossing my tickets for tonight's game in the trash.

  3. Dave L says:

    I'll be there friday night in the 300 seats. I haven't been to many weekday games.

    Weeknight games in this area? 11k sounds about right. Thats a full house in a college basketball arena Dickie V!

    Wonder how many Sox fans had tickets but just didnt bother showing up?

    I watch most on TV and shop at Sweetbay. Hell I'm doing my part.

  4. JP says:

    I wanted to go to the game yesterday. There were 30k available seats but somehow, it was going to cost 20 for the cheapest ticket. And you better believe that the walk up charge was in full effect. 20 to park my car in an empty parking lot. I spent 10 bucks on 50 cent wings instead of giving it to the rays. They actually wanted my business and priced their product accordingly.

    The rays don't want us to show up. Every empty seat is more leverage for them. They're not stupid.

  5. Jeff says:

    I'm a huge Rays fan and go to 10-12 games a year, but as always, this discussion is comical. Somehow the hour drive to and back from Wesley Chapel (and that's without traffic problems) didn't seem too appealing for the "enjoyment" of the worst stadium in baseball and games that make me fall asleep. Get a grip the attendance will be pathetic until you get a new, modern stadium and put it in a place where you're not in a car for longer than the event lasts (literally I have had that happen to me before). And yes, the entertainment value of the games must be better, i.e. get some hitters Andrew!

    • Allen says:

      I just don't think fans are sitting around saying "I'm not gonna go to a Rays game at the Trop. Heck, it might get rained out, or I could have to sit in an uncomfortable seat on a hot September night." Do people go to a game to look at the stadium or watch a game. Could it be in a better location? Probably, but exactly where would that be? Since I drive over from Lakeland I'd much rather it be near I-75, but then fans from St Pete and Largo would be further away. I think fans are ticked off because of the Ray's pathetic hitting and sloppy fielding. As a team the Rays do only one things well----strike out.

  6. Dave L says:

    I have lived in Venice for the most the past 33 years. I have been to 400 or 500 games in the Old Sombrero, Sundome, Trop, RJS etc. The trop is the closest and the Sundome is the farthest but that was never a factor. I watched a zillion more on TV and that is buying a ticket as well.

    When I hear people saying the drive is too far I laugh.

  7. richraysfan says:

    What's really pathetic is a team of MLB players who can't hit their way out of a paper bag. THAT is pathetic.

  8. CC says:

    Could it be that nobody went is because we no longer have faith in this team. The past couple of weeks have been unwatchable. Whats pathetic DICK, is the teams lack of urgency, poor fielding and lack of hitting which equates to lack of excitement.

  9. lroy10 says:

    When I start getting paid millions to be a professional, mouth breathing, cock jockey who slobers all over 17 and 18 year old "diaper dandies" i'll become a real fan and get season tickets right next to yours Dickie. WHATCH FOR FOUL BALLS, BABY!

  10. RAYSUCK says:

    The team is a joke. The locatioin is a joke. Ofcourse they want attendance to go down to as low as possible. Then MLB can step in and move the Rays to somewhere that is more receptive of having a baseball team. They always have excuses as to why they aren't doing well. Well, take a look at the Yankees and Red Sox who dealt with team wide injuries and looks like they'll be making the playoffs yet again. The prices at the Trop are beyond ridiculous. A weeknight game they are lucky to even get the 11,000. The only reason the attendance goes up on the weekends is the visiting teams fans can make it. MLB just needs to step in and move this team somewhere where they won't be a burden on the rest of the league who has to pay to the Rays as they have the lowest attendance. Overall the Rays just suck and need to disappear like their winnnig seasons!


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