Following a sixth inning in which Jose Molina let a couple of balls get by him, he and Alex Cobb had to be separated in the dugout.

On the one hand, Molina is horrible at blocking pitches. He has 34 passed balls/wild pitches (including the only passed balls on the team) in 666.2 innings and the rest of the catchers have 26 in 663 innings. On the other hand, Cobb is a rookie and not only does he not need to be showing up his veteran catcher, but nobody needs to see this in the dugout.

But on the third hand, you gotta love how, at the end, Cobb seemingly gives Molina the Top Gun Iceman teeth chomp just before walking away. Good stuff…



  1. Rob says:

    Like I said, they have given up on each other. Weak, effortless at bats and swings, Jennings not diving for a catch in a close game, Molina letting balls bounce around home plate, giving up stolen bases with out a challenge. The team is going through the motions. They are sleepwalking through the last three weeks of the season. They can't manage more than 5 hits and 1 run off a 3-10 pitcher with an ERA over 5? They need new blood in that clubhouse, starting with a new hitting coach.

  2. Rob says:

    And the one inning in which they strung some hits together and had a chance to put some runs on the board, the speedy Pena gets thrown out trying to steal third base. Not only are they sleepwalking but they got a case of the dumbass.

    • Raysfan137 says:

      It was a hit and run, not a straight steal. And the human slug Molina hung Carlos out to dry. Even if it wasn't a hit and run, he made no attempt to protect the runner with serious swing. I was coached you throw the bat at the ball if you have to in that situation.

      That said, the lack of intensity is the entire issue, especially with the offense. Day and night between Showalter's boys and us. No explanations or answers offered from me, just the facts. We're not playing with confidence, intensity or purpose.

  3. Allen says:

    And what has happened to Joyce and Keppinger? Joyce hasn't had a meaningful game since when? In the last 10 games Keppinger has scored 2 runs, has just 1 RBI and is hitting a mere Rays norm .243. Add that game in NY when Jennings stood in the batter's box with his bat resting on his shoulder through 3 called strikes while 2 baserunners couldn't move. What about all these errors? Man---what's wrong with this team?

    By the way, Cork, I don't know what a Top Gun Iceman teeth chomp is. Can someone please enlighten me?

  4. Matt says:

    Cobb is not a rookie.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      For consideration of Rookie of the Year voting, Cobb had 52.2 innings coming into the season. 2.2 over the limit. But those 2.2 innings don't mean much in this situation.

  5. Andy says:

    Agree that the entire club - w/the exception of the starting pitchers & Rodney - do seem listless, or at least moreso than usual, in the case of Molina the Slug!!! But I'm not sure DJ had a chance on that ball; at least it didn't look like it from behind him in the upper deck.

    Man, I gotta give HUGE props to our starting pitchers b/c for the most part, despite the PATHETIC offense, they seem to give us a fighting chance almost every game!!! Cobber was doing gr8 thru 5 innings, then quickly & inexplicably lost the slim lead he was granted w/a hit batter + HR. No clue what his beef was w/Molina, but it must have been something significant b/c otherwise he seems to be a very cool as cucumber dude. At least it shows Cobb cares!!! We might be doing alright if the rest cared at least as much!

    This awesome pitching staff sure deserves a better fate than it seems they're gonna get!!! Sad, very sad :((

  6. Beazy says:

    Uuhaa, it been it a long season, and I'm sure it seems it a lil' longer for them, But hopefully we get that spark, maybe a walkoff @ the Trop, because it's not over by any means. If we can at least get it to 2-3 games back by the last series against Balt. @ home. If you want to give up on the season already, go head, BUT they play 162 games, NOT 147...

  7. Dave L says:

    I wouldn't assume its strictly about passed balls. Who knows?

    I liked that from Cobb. It shows he's a competitor who expects the best out of himself and everybody else too.

    He hates getting beat.

  8. Dre says:

    I understand Cobb is a rookie and this shows by him approaching Molina during the game in the dugout. But he was right, and if you watched at the end of the exchange Hickey seems to agree with Cobb. He ends up being the one staying with Molina after separating them, and after Molina barks a few things it appears Hickey told him to "block the damn ball."

    Having said that, I have yet to understand why Molina is now seeing more starting time than he was in the past. It's as if when rosters expanded Molina has started more (I could very well be wrong because I don't have the stats.) But we have other options. And while taking a defensive hit by starting someone else (which you could argue isn't the case) was a concern before, we now are in an offensive crunch. You cannot justify to me that Molina has any offensive headway above the rest.


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