For the second straight game, the Rays and Blue Jays ended on a play at the plate. But this time, it was the Rays doing the glovin’ and lovin’ and the winnin’. But maybe the best part, outside of BJ Upton’s throw, and Jose Molina’s block, was watching Fernando Rodney call the runner out and then shoot the moon in one motion…



  1. Dave L says:

    Wish I could have watched it.

    Amazing finish, Rodney earned his merit badge today.

    Had to settle for Andy and Dave. Hate these after 1:01pm but before 6:03pm saturday, we dont have to show you the game broadcast rules.

    But a small inconvienence compared to the arrogant screw the fans NFL. Their edict is build us a free stadium and if not enough of you peons show up we wont allow you to view the events we play in the stadium built by said taxpayers which allow us to reap ginormous profits. Blackouts are an insult if institutionalized not to mention counter productive.

    Reason #358 why baseball is better.

    Bill Foster is a visionary public servant compared to the toadies that sold the Tampa area taxpayers short agreeing to that lopsided deal.

    Sorry for my off topic rant.

    Bring on game 4!

    • Sarah says:

      The time of the game wasn't the reason it wasn't shown. Sunsports has a contract for a certain number of games per year -- it's not 162. They decide which games to show. Originally this one was on their schedule, but they decided to exchange it for one of the games against Texas.

  2. Don says:

    Got to give molina credit for standing on the plate with a high throw, but the runner was a 40+yo bald guy who tried to slide around the tag IF he would have under cut Molina sliding directly at the plate, Molina might have not made the the tag... anyway it worked out....
    but still 1 win in 162 games...not a big deal..

  3. rick says:

    waiting for the animated GIF to load, it appeared as though Fernando was going to punch vizquel.


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