With two outs in the ninth inning, Elliot Johnson on second base and the Rays trailing by one. Carlos Pena drove a ball to right field. Johnson rounded third, darted for home. But the ball was there first. That left EJ with one option, to try to jack-up the catcher. It didn’t work. And upon closer look at the replay, EJ’s face took the hit much worse than the catcher. In fact, it was the dirt that did all the damage…



  1. Dave L says:

    That was a hell of a game and we lost. It was extremely well played. I cant find any faults they just beat us.

    Great pitching by both teams. I think SRod may have scored in those home plate confrontations but no one else in our organisation could have.

    Props to Pena for getting a hit late and Kepp for fighting.

    I hate losing but that was baseball at its highest level.

    • Mark says:

      For the most part I agree. But our runners continue to look for the ball when running the bases. He may have been out anyway, but when he looked for the ball that slows him down. Should have been focused on the plate and the on deck hitter whose job it is to tell him where the ball is. And it isn't just him, the runners continue to look for the ball instead of picking up the base coach. Pet peeve of mine.

  2. don says:

    Give toronto players their due, unbeliveable accurate throw, and a catcher sitting on the plate(which most won't do) waiting for the inevitable....as some Fans say Oh well its only one loss out of 162..no big deal...Poor hellboy gives up 2 runs game over...he asked Friedman when his contract was up Mr. Boras wants to know..


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