Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

My goodness, what a bullpen the Rays have. Joe has to admit, when Matt Moore racked up way too many pitches and had to be pulled in the sixth with the Rays nursing a 1-0 lead, Joe was scared.

Fear not, as the Rays bullpen is simply ridiculous. The Rays pen only allowed two baserunners the rest of the way — TWO! And even then, both allowed by Joel Peralta, the right-hander did a nice job of working out of a jam to keep the Orioles off the board.

Speaking of the Orioles, it was very much an Earl Weaver-like game for the Rays: a couple of solo shots and dominant pitching and you have a win.

Joe’s going to skip the sarcasm tonight. It’s just too good of a feel-good win to throw cold water on the evening.

Instead, Joe’s opting for pouring cold beer.



  1. ALLEN says:

    A comparison was made with the "hitless wonders" Chicago White Sox 1951-1961. Their hitting looked pretty good to me. It was the 1906 Sox who were the real hitless wonders, and the Rays are only slightly better than they. This pitching staff is amazing. So impressive. Weak bats and great pitching make for low scoring, close games. Go Rays! Catch the Yankees.

  2. don says:

    Great pitching (start & relief) and production from the front of the order, formula for the playoffs...


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