Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

An absolutely sickening and senseless loss today to the A’s. Yeah, the Rays only scored two runs, but that should have been enough.

Jose Lobaton could have wound up and aimed a throw to second base to get Stephen Drew delayed stealing for the final out of the first inning, which would have preserved a 0-0 game. But Lobaton did his best Engelpuke imitation and fired the ball way high into centerfield.

On the next pitch, rattled Hellboy had a meatball drilled into orbit. 3-zip A’s. 4-2 was the final.

Joe’s just mad he let himself get caught up in the hype that the Rays had hit a new level of greatness and would not allow a key home series to slip away like this down the stretch.

The red hot Rangers are now waiting for the Rays on Monday, with their big bats and nasty bullpen. At this point, Joe’s just hopeful the Rays exit Texas still chasing the Yankees and not the rest of the Wild Card hopefuls.





  1. don says:

    Lobaton is a much better catcher than Jaso, Maddon said so, but blame it on many...Have you ever seen Maddon pinch hit for Pena, why not? and pinch hit Upton for Joyce, I about fell off the chair..I don't care what hand the pitcher throws with.... thats stupid...Maddon your a genius...ask the media/fans

  2. Beazy says:

    "Rays Win Thrown Into Centerfield", there couldn't of been a better title for an article about days game. I don't know why our Rays keep THROWING away games, but they need to address it, especially Pena pretty much costing us 2 games in the 2 last week from bad tosses back to 1st...
    Tight'n up, were almost there...

  3. Dave L says:

    Joe a 162 game season isn't a crazy roller coaster from hell unless you make it one. Every minor win streak doesnt mean we will never lose and every 2 game slide doesn't indicate heads need to roll on the Astroturf and woe is us.

    I think Lobaton overall is having a good year and he's matured behind the plate. An error in the first inning can be overcome and it just wasn't. He had a sac fly to plate a run.

    Every loss doesnt require a Rays player to make you sickened and senseless if you remember its a marathon.

    • Beazy says:

      Good call, the only hard part is that we normally win when those types of errors don't happen, i.e. the middle part of the season when we were tops in the league in errors, opposed to the last few weeks. It happens though, and luckily in baseball a couple bad games doesn't ruin a season like other sports, but the "every pitch counts" should mean a lil' more to us knowing the difference in 1 game last year...

    • Drew says:

      If we win monday I expect us to be right back in the discussion for overtaking the Yankees atop the division. BUT, if we lose Tuesday, I'm anticipating a postgame shot of joe which plainly states we will miss out on the wildcard

  4. don says:

    Losers say "Its only one game out of 162, don't worry about it"
    Winners say " WHy did that happen, what can we do better and correct the mistakes" ours are constant with the players that are playing..
    Keep Playing Pena and sitting Kepp. Maddon.... and you will score 2 runs every game..


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