Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

What one Rays player has played in every game this season?

And what Rays player is on pace for 200 strikeouts?

Yeah, it’s the same guy who was booed last weekend at Tropicana Field, and the same guy you booed early watching the Rays fall 1-0 last night to the Rangers.

The second inning rolled around and there was good ol’ Karlos Pena standing there with runners on second and third and nobody out. Damn, he hit some nice foul balls before he whiffed. Pena had another key shot later in the game and did what he does best.

Nobody can pin a one-run loss on one guy, but Rays fans don’t have to just sit back and take Pena’s garbage and like it, especially with Jeff Keppinger being forced to watch the game like the rest of us.






  1. Beazy says:

    Well, if you think about it Joe, Karlos was the main reason for two loses in the past two or so, from bad throws back to 1st...

  2. MarkE says:

    "Great, every time The Magic of Maddon sits Kepp, they lose 1-0". That's a word-for-word quote from me to my girlfriend, one hour before the game started.

    What's been the local sports media's favorite praise for Maddon?... "he puts the players and team in the best position to be successful".

    I appreciate that a team needs power, but K-Los is BATTING .140 WITH RUNNERS IN SCORING POSITION. How many easily winable games do we have to watch get squandered away because the lineup is missing key, proven, on-base guys when there are runners in scoring position.

    It's happened more than a few times this year that the guy that Magic Maddon unjustly kept out of the lineup had to come in (due to injury or the nightly 8th inning shuffle) and ended up being the best hitter in the lineup that night. That was Sam Fuld last night.

    When we draw names out of a hat for tonight's lineup, can we please go ahead and just give our consistent batters a "free", automatic spot in the lineup? PLEASE, put your team in the "best position to be successful". They NEED a win.

  3. Andy says:

    Totally agree @ Karlos!! And Mark the seer makes some good add'l points, especially @ the lineup changes!! But, this year it's not even correct to call on Karlos for power. He's on pace for what, 20 HR's?!! What a joke!! πŸ™

    Now, back to those frustrating line-ups. I couldn't believe Mon's infield lineup. Even if we're in agreement w/the players used, why was EJ at 3rd instead of Tatman? Given that, why keep Zo at SS w/EJ playing also? WTF?!?! I can't recall Eliott playing 3B all year! But, I noticed that when Roberts started playing there, he seemed more of a natural than any other of the Longo replacements!! So, I was seriously shakin my head that night πŸ™

    Last thot. Hope the bats don't keep Price from winning the Cy Young!!! Hope the voters look at the full body of work as they did when Felix H won!!

  4. don says:

    I've been singing this song ALL season long, since they signed Karload, he stinks and Maddon doesn't know how to make up a line up,even Now that he has all his players back.....
    But whats the use of saying I told you so.....ok then
    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!


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