Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

There’s no other way to feel right now than to want to bow before Joe Maddon, Andrew Friedman, Derek Shelton and Jim Hickey. Just throw your hands up in celebration.

Joe’s all-in.

The only explanation for what the Rays just accomplished on this 10-game road trip is that the grand plan for the 2012 team was far smarter than the average fan could comprehend.

The Rays pounded out 66 runs on this trip, won eight of 10, and capped it off today with a brooming and pounding of Zack Greinke and the Angels. And the Rays still left a load of runners in scoring position in this 8-3 win.

A let down after last night’s miraculous comeback? No way.

In the spirit of praising the Maddon-Shelton way, Joe must prop B.J. Upton for his patience during that second-inning at bat, in which he drew an RBI walk with two outs. Upton didn’t bite on Greinke’s nasty stuff with two strikes. That seemed to rattle Greinke, and Matt Joyce followed it up with an aggressive two-run single. Game over.

The Rays now head home for three against Kansas City. At this point, Joe’s looking for the Rays to catch the Yankees in time for their Labor Day series opener in St. Pete.





  1. Joe says:

    I read how we would get swept against Haren, Weaver, Wilson and Greinke. Whoops!

    I figure we deserved the 8-2 record, we lost a game in Seattle we should of won but in Anaheim, we came back from 8 down. I say that's an even and an incredible road trip.

    And last time KC saw Cobb, Archer and Moore. This time they get Helly, Price and Shields.

  2. Rob says:

    Was out of town for this series so had to listen to it on my phone. What a great weekend.

  3. Andy says:

    Yep, totally agree @ Upton; almost choked when he didn't swing during that at bat!!! Gr8 patience at the plate by Mr. Swing Happy! Guess the miracle aspect of Sat's game didn't happen for him until today!! 😀

    What I fear most now is the nasty habit they Rays have gotten into where they play down to their competition & dip so far that they lose!!! Gotta keep the Mojo going!!! Rock the Royals, Rays!!!!!


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