Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

You want to give every ounce of credit to Felix Hernandez today after dropping a perfect game on the Rays, but with it being a 1-0 loss on the heels of this morning’s walkoff debacle, Joe’s having hard time happily tipping the cap.

These last 17 hours should leave every Rays fans feeling like they got kicked in groin. Damn, losing consecutive series to the Mariners — and back-to-back one-run games — is brutal. The Rays have been shutout for 17 straight innings.

Poor Hellboy, who scattered five hits over seven innings.

Not to set the bar low, but the Rays desperately need a split of the upcoming four-game series against the Angels.





  1. Beazy says:

    Big ups to Helly, but to Karlos, you really gotta feel bad about the "cause and effect", the effect of possible psycho of 2 loses and a can't get on 1st base sitch from his bad throw (?)...

  2. CC says:

    The Rays have an unbelievable winning % of .690 with Longoria ,Jennings and Upton in the line up since Jennings was called up last year. People call Maddon a genius. Well it does not take a genius to figure out that if these guys can play, PUT THEM IN THE DAMN LINEUP. Especially with Jennings being our hottest hitter.

  3. s says:

    i truly hope that there are FIRE SHELTON signs in the stands when we get back to the trop. i could care less if he is to blame, something has to change.

  4. bill says:

    In the Madden era -- haven't all of these no-hitter/perfect games been day games?

  5. don says:

    Its not true that they caught Maddon in the clubhouse drinking wine andlooking for some fried chicken in the last three innings..
    He heard it helped the Red Sox

  6. s says:

    derek shelton's replacement!!!!! includes a free hitting DVD. honestly could the result be any worse?

    • JN says:

      I agree! How many jobs would let you perform this bad and let you stay on? He needs to change his approach and let his hitters know the adjustments they need to make to hit the ball. So tired of the first strike no swinging, it is Shelton's job to change that! I know a lot of radio personnel stick up for him but you know what, if their ratings were low, they would change their format or get fired. Just the way the world works. Also Maddon says there is only so much Shelton can do. I question why have a hitting coach at all?

  7. CC says:

    If anybody noticed Jennings has abandoned the work the count BS and is going up to the plate aggressive. Probably doing it on his own.Guess what it works. Screw the "a walk is as good as a hit" mentality. Walks don't drive in runs.


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