On Saturday night, the Angels honored their 2002 World Series Championship team with a ceremony prior to the game. Below is the reunion photo (click on the image for a larger version). Two current members of the Rays, Joe Maddon and Jose Molina, were members of that club and can be seen on the far right in the photo.

Of course, it seems a bit odd to see both Maddon and Molina in their Rays gear — a uniform that did not exist in 2002 — for a photo honoring an Angels championship club, with the Angels players and coaches wearing their 2002 throwback jerseys. But of course, many Rays fans would have cried foul if Maddon and Molina put on Angels jerseys. A classic no-win situation (photo via @ESPNLA710)…




  1. Dave L says:

    I didnt know this foto was taken. It was nice they chose a day when Maddon would be there, thats always a nice touch when teams do that. It helps that there is not bad history between the organizations themselves.

    Can you imagine a similar Rays foto with Crawford wearing a red uniform (assuming a different outcome). I can't. Not this soon of course.

  2. don says:

    DID Maddon & molina where Rays uniforms in 2002....?
    Thought this was a "2002 Celebration" tacky at best.... really spruces up the Angels picture...


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