James Shields was in studio this afternoon to speak with Jim Rome. They discussed a wide array of topics including Felix Hernandez’ perfect game, his struggles this season, trade rumors, and which player on the Rays has the funniest butt tattoo. OK, I made that last one up. But the interview is good, so you should watch it…


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  1. Dave L says:

    Nice interview thanks.

    Sheilds seems to have matured and takes a much more balanced approach and gets less emotional than earlier in his career and that has helped him.

    Good to see the team taking a humorous approach with the percent perfect games angle.

    maddon started working the one loss angle immediately after the game.

    Think the perfecto will wreck the team psyche? Curl up in a collective fetal position and lick their wounded pride?

    Lets look at the aftermath of the Braden Moms Day PG of 2010. Bradens mom comes out of the stands gets flowers hugs her son blah blah blah.

    Went into a nosedive right?

    Starting the next day after Mothers Day---

    Took 2 of three in Anaheim

    Won M's series in Trop

    Two game sweep of the Tribe

    Two game sweep in the Bronx

    Won Series in Houston

    So 2 weeks after picked up 5.5 games on the Yanks

    Won the AL East that year.

    Its one loss.

    Rays move on. Rays way.


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