Everybody knows, if you want to bury a news story, break it on a Friday night. So it is no surprise, that the Rays, who have been secretive about Evan Longoria’s hamstring injury, told the press late last night that Longoria is going to be out a lot longer than was indicated previously.

After last night’s game, it was announced that Longoria will not start baseball activities for at least another week (via TBO.com). Joe Maddon added that Longo’s return is “not right around the corner.”

Last week, we speculated that if Longo did re-tear his hamstring, something the team has never denied, there is a good chance he will be out until at least September. This news appears to support those fears.



  1. don says:

    Almost had enough hearing about Longoria's health problems for a twenty Yr old little softie..."retear a hamstring? what?
    We don't have Josh Hamilton, Carl Crawford or Buster Posey either...get over it...let him rest in peace the Rays will live on!

    • RaysFan137 says:

      Totally agree, Don. Time to get on with life. It's not like having Longo back fixes everything else the minute he returns anyway. Need to go bolster this team's offense somehow and get some solidity and consistency in the middle infield - with or without Longo. Enough about Longo. Excuses to not step up and make a trade.

      Also, I agree with Maddon about Shelton. The hitting coach doesn't do much at this level anyway. So fire him anyway just to make a statement :).

  2. Brian says:

    Glass and lady parts. Longo boozes all seson. No suprise.

  3. ALLEN says:

    In tonight's loss to Cleveland the Rays' starting lineup had FOUR players hitting under .200. Depending on what Baltimore does, this awful offense may be in 1st place for strikeouts in their division.

  4. Tone says:

    I take "anytime soon" as not this year, unless the team is magically in the playoff hunt by September. His injury not only sucks for 2012, but it also darkens the future since the organization and all of us fans will have to wonder if he can actually play a full season. 2013 needs a real back up plan if he goes down again. 2012's back up plan is to just give up.

  5. RLM says:

    Just think what this starting pitching staff would look like on an even mediocre hitting team. Their w-l numbers would be awesome. The Rays are a tough team to follow, that's for sure.

  6. Andy says:

    While hitting instructors may not develop hitters at this level, they sure can help them improve - or not! How many times do we hear other teams' instructors given credit for their team's offensive prowess (e.g, Blue Jays & their thumping ways!)? Considering out guys need every bit of help they can get, I don't think Shelton has all that much to offer 🙁 Maddon's defense of him keeps talking about him working hard w/the guys. That's nice, but we need him/them to work smart as well!!!


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