The Rays have acquired infielder Ryan Roberts from the Arizona Diamonbacks for double-A second baseman Tyler Bortnick.

Roberts is expected to be in uniform tomorrow for the Rays. Roberts had been designated for assignment earlier in the day.

Roberts, who can play second base, shortstop, and the outfield, has primarily been a third baseman this season for the D-Back, hitting .250 with 6 home runs, a .306 OBP and a .290 wOBA in 83 games this season.

Last year, in 143 games, Roberts hit .249 with a .341 OBP, .338 wOBA, and 19 home runs.



  1. Burg says:

    The tatt Man cometh....

  2. Dave L says:

    Has the current Rays brass ever in our history made a trade in which we gain now, this year in a significant way,to get a player who is top 300? player -- while trading an promising potential future asset(s)?

    So barring a free fall like drop in the standings I dont forsee--- this is your last blockbuster trade of 2012.

    The idea is we never sacrifice the future while other teams always will and willingly and recklessly. Thats why the Rays philosophy is never sacrifice today and eat or barter your seed corn as others will always over pay with thier precious seed corn for your over ripe feed corn.

    In honor of Iowan Helli's first win since forever thats my farmers analogy.

    • KT says:

      And of course the seed corn rarely seems to flourish these days. Need more fresh corn, less cans of corn*.

      *baseball pun intended

  3. Drew says:

    Good trade, although this won't solve our problems.

  4. Sledge says:

    Don't be too critical of this trade. Yes it brings little in the way of production on paper. But I was listening to someone on the radio this morning compare this guy to Johny Gomes for his energy level. No one ever got excited about Gomes production (or Cliff Floyd for that matter). I will gladly give up on a double A infielder (a position we've shown no ability to groom) for the possibility that this guy energizes the clubhouse.

  5. Ken says:

    Does this mean that Matsui goes away?

  6. don says:

    SO the Rays go to the State fair and get the Tatoo man,can he hit?...250 thats good for the Rays.. but a savior?...hardly..the last two energy guys Gomes/Damon...are not here....guess not enough energy? The Rays have scored 3 runs or less in 14 of 16 starts for Hellickson...But your Days coming son, His agent Borass won't hear of any long term contracts from the Rays..
    Maybe NY, Bos. philly in a couple years

  7. J W says:

    While minor, this trade helps in multiple ways:

    1) Defensively. Roberts is an above-average defender and will hopefully allow the marry-go-round that has been the Rays infield this season to stop. Roberts can now be the 3B, Helliot/SRod platoon at SS and Zobrist at 2B. Getting better defense at 3B while allowing others to settle at a position should help quit a bit.

    2) RHB. Roberts has a career .815 OPS vs LHP, him along with Kepp being back helps the Rays from being completely hopeless against Lefties.

    3) Kepp can now be a perminent platoon with Pena/Scott/Fuld at 1B/DH until Longo is back. Helps to balance the lineup while minimizing the horrendousness that is Pena vs LHP.

    4) Energy. As someone mentions, this might (hopefully) help re-energize a seamingly stagnant Rays bench into some excitement (especially when combined with Fuld being back).

    Minor move that could have fairly big implications.


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