Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Now friends, this is how you play good baseball when your All-Star third baseman and best hitter is out for who knows how long.

SRod claims he has put in extra time working with much-maligned Rays hitting instructor Derek Shelton (?) and look what came of it? His first three-hit game since last August.

Of course, a cynic like Joe would ask, given the woeful Rays offense, why guys aren’t putting in extra work, say, two months ago? But Joe’s not going to ask that question today. Instead, he wants to wallow in a glorious win over the Yankmes.

SRod damned near sent a fastball to the Vinoy (you are welcome, Steve Carney), then doubled off an offspeed pitch and added a single. Then you throw in a steal of home by Desmond Jennings (one of five Rays stolen bases), and suddenly Joe is thirsty.

Many Rays fans believed for the Rays to have a puncher’s chance of the AL East title, the Rays needed to win two of three against the Yankmes. Well, now. The Rays have captured the first two and have ace David Price on the hill tomorrow for a Fourth of July afternoon game at the Fruitdome for the sweep.

Get the brooms ready!



  1. Andy says:

    Taking our brooms & hoping to witness our 3rd sweep this year!! 😀

  2. don says:

    Tickets in hand, beer in cooler, getting ready to go to my 72degree baseball stadium (Media ala dump) to ENJOY
    AL east baseball at its best while the fans across the country are preparing to go into 95 degree heat and sweat their ass off.
    Enjoy your "beautiful" stadiums media morons eveywhere....

    • bbmern says:

      Check mark and thumbs up on this comment by the likable, most friendly and "positive" person on this site.


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