Though the midway point of the season is already past us, the All-Star break is the ceremonial halftime of the baseball season. And in the first game back from their mini-vacation, the Rays displayed that at least they are consistent.

Minimal offense sunk the Rays. Again. So did not-so-smart baserunning.

Now Joe is a big fan of Zorilla, but perhaps someone should pull him aside in the clubhouse and remind him he’s not exactly possessing Carl Crawford-like speed. Joe likes aggressiveness on the basepaths, but for the second time this month, Zorilla has gotten aggressive off of second base, only to be gunned down at third late in a critical, close game.

Tonight was the second of such games. Zorilla tried to advance to third on a liner by B.J. Upton to short right field. And just like that, Zorilla was gone by capping a rare 9-6-5 double-play.

As weak sauce as the Rays’ offense is, this team simply cannot afford to run itself out of a big inning like that.

Zorilla, Joe loves you, but from now on, unless there is a base hit when you are standing on second, stay there!



  1. Tone says:

    They need to blow this team up. Seriously the worst at-bats I have ever seen, and they are consistently awful in that department; so there is not going to be any improvement at this point. The only light at the end of this painful tunnel is that once this team finishes with a losing record, Stu and Bud will have no leverage in their incessant attendance comments. A complete joke at the plate. You have to give them credit for their ineptitude, because it seems almost impossible to suck that bad without doing it on purpose.

  2. don says:

    Whats the worse pitching job in MLB today?
    Pitching for the Rays..hold teams like the Red Soxs to 3 runs and have no chance of winning...
    Who is the Dumbest baseball player in MLB today...hint, Maddon excuses him by "its only mental mistakes" dah!
    Maddon says they are overzealous ?? I say they are sleep walking with a manager who doesn't know the difference...

    • Tone says:

      What's the point in singling out Upton's ineptitude? Almost everyone in the line-up has major flaws and failures. Apart from the pitching staff, this team is a joke in 2012. Longoria and Joyce are either glass dolls or spoiled and full of discontent. Maddon is just doing his usual thing by defending the players and being positive. It just gets annoying when the failures are so glaring and obviously transcend any players.

  3. Rob says:

    I predict the Rays start the 2nd half losing 5 of 6 and falling 3.5 games out of the last wildcard spot.


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