Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

“Typical Rays.” That’s what went through Joe’s mind tonight watching the Rays lose to the Mariners 2-1. Once again, great pitching is wasted by the Derek Shelton walks-are-a-jewel offensive mindset.

Keyword: offensive.

Good grief, the Rays offense is so hapless, it nearly takes a shutout for the team to win. Painted in a corner when Alex Cobb left the game after two innings after getting drilled by a ball, the Rays bullpen, taxed as it was, pitched a shutout.

Standing ovation from Joe.

But just as giddy as Joe was about the bullpen’s effort tonight, Joe had to fight himself from throwing a beer bottle at his HDTV with the (yet again) putrid offense. It took an errant throw (again by Ichiro Suzuki, the second in as many nights) to allow the Rays to score a run.

You just knew the Mariners dugout was breathing a sigh of relief when, with a runner at third with two out, Karlos Pena stepped to the plate.

Joe felt the breeze from his St. Petersburg home from Pena’s bat for the third strike whiff.

It’s getting to the point that comparing Karlos to Rob Deer is an insult to Deer.

But this is your 2012 Rays.

Oh, Bucs training camp opens Friday.



  1. Grace says:

    DO not care about Bux.

    • Mobula says:

      Agree. No love for the Bucs.......just Rays!

    • Joe says:

      I agree..could care less about the Bucs this year and insulting to say that camp starts this week. They are hapless. As far as Rays go, wish the organization would stop talking about what they don't have and don't get and refocus their energies in a more positive way.

      I know your comment in the piece was halfway sarcastic, but really, REALLY could care less about Bucs' camp starting.

      • Erick says:

        We get it, you don't care about the Bucs. But there are a lot of people who do. And I for one can not wait until training camp starts so I can have some relief from watching this pathetic display of baseball. Defense is terrible, hitting is atrocious, they make average to below average pitchers look like Koufax or Gibson, and if a team scores a run or two in the first couple of innings there is a feeling like the game is lost.

        So yes, me and I'm sure many others are excited that training camp starts soon to have some distraction from this poor excuse of a baseball team.

  2. slacker775 says:

    Your riding Pena so hard, what about Matsui?? When was the last time he even had a hit? He always seems to come up at key times when there are runners and and there aren't already two outs, he'll hit into a DP. Hell, I bet if the bases were juiced with no outs, he'd manage to hit into a triple play. We would be better off just having the pitcher hit and forfeit the DH. I bet our pitchers have a better cumulative batting average anyway.

    To think I'd rather see Molina at the plate than Matsui.....

    • Andy says:

      So agree w/the pitchers hitting assessment!! Said this myself during game, especially w/all those tailor made DP's!! Pitchers may get about same # of hits (1 every 3rd game?), but at least wouldn't ground into so many DP's - probably more K's, but 1 out is better than 2!!!!

  3. CC says:

    Can anybody please tell me why we don't bring Leslie Anderson up from AAA?

  4. Don says:

    Just think of the fabulous Job the the front office did this Year:
    NO hit Pena, always hurt scott, Fat boy Molina, ah SO Matsui....
    If you were running a baseball team(G. manager or Manager) which of these Would you have (keep) on your team....just asking...


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