Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

What would you expect from the Rays after they took three called-third-strike fastballs over the first two innings? That’s right, a hitless, two-run rally in the seventh to grab a 4-3 lead on the Sox and cruise home with a 5-3 win.

Those crazy Rays. Five runs on five hits for the Saturday night home crowd.

Thank goodness they did right by David Price and allowed his special season to press on toward 20+ wins. This definitely was a make-good for Price’s last outing, the heinous let-Farnsworth-walk-four game on July 4.

Price really hit some incredible spots, and it was great seeing him jack up the fastball to 97 well after 100 pitches.

Kudos to B.J. Upton for his late bomb that gave Fernando Rodney some breathing room. Other than that, there’s not much to say. Sean Rodriguez stil can’t bunt, and a victory when the top third of your lineup goes 0-for-10 is always worthy of an ice cold beer.





  1. ALLEN says:

    Rays are 1-1 since the all-star break so Rob's prediction of a 1-5 2nd half beginning remains secure. Go Rays!

    Soriano? It depends on what the Rays would have to give up. Two of their best hitters are not playing, and no matter who is in the leadoff spot, they can't hit. I do not see any benefit from having Pena bat second. He's going to set a single season strike out record. How can a guy who walks as much as he does not be able to see the ball well enough to put a bat on it?

    This team is a conundrum.

  2. don says:

    IF it wasn't for Zobrist, EJ & Kepp. I couldn't stand to watch Rays skills at the plate...Kepp. ought to be hitting coach, Johnson & ZO can handle a bat the rest can't....or if you would like to suggest some else that knows what a bat is for...including $12 Mil worth of signees..


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